Hello! I’m Stephanie.
Giving your property a good clean!

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Why bother?

Part of my studies involved observing my clients’ well beings, their progress and so on to see what else needs to be done. A chance visit to one of my repeat client’s home brought me to an ah-ha! moment.

One simple way of looking at how healing works is that the practitioners assist the clients to achieve what they set out to do/be by removing blocks within their bodies and auric fields. In another word, we give them a good ‘clean’ (amongst other things; this is only intended to be a simple explanation) so the clients can move forward with ease.

The progress would be much slower, if possible at all, if the clients spend a lot of their time being in places that affect them in an undesirable way. Thanks to the aforementioned client, I came to the realization that land/property healing is much needed – because one simply cannot stay clean even if scrubbing themselves daily, if one sleeps in mud.

What in the land/property affect us?

There are natural factors and synthetic factors.

Natural factors are what come with the land or atmosphere. Possibly since the beginning of the Earth existence, or since each time Earth renewed itself. There are points or lines that affect most if not all humans; some in positive ways and some in not so desirable ways. Primarily I would be looking out for what do not serve the clients and deal with them accordingly; however I will also include in the report if there are any points that are beneficial for the clients so that they can make the most of their property.

Synthetic factors are those that were made by humans, both intentionally or not. Land and objects (from your personal belongings to the material the property was built with) absorb all sorts of vibration that humans project to them. The same goes with the space in between objects. An obvious example of intentional human thought projection would be curses, whether intended for the present or previous occupants. Example of unintentional thought projections are stress or other unwanted emotions from the present/previous occupants or from people who were having conflicts in the area (e.g. during wartimes). There are also synthetic factors that are neither intentional nor unintentional such as wifi or a nearby train line.

The presence of other dimensional beings can greatly affect us too. With ‘other dimensional’ I mean non 3D beings, those that are undetected by our physical eyes. There are many different types or species but I am not going to list or talk about them here because my objective is to explain in the simplest ways what a land/property healing involves. I do not want to make a debate as to what exist or not; nor do I want to instill fear. What I would like to emphasis is that very rarely the beings are ‘out there to get you’. Simply because you have decided to live in this space doesn’t mean all other beings agree to leave or not to pass by.

What if I don’t believe in what you talk about, but still want to give it a try, will it work?

Yes. Definitely. You do not need to believe anything but the positive outcome that you and other occupants can see or feel for yourselves.

How to proceed?

I conduct land/property healing remotely, which means that my services are available anywhere in the world. This is usually a one off treatment as land and objects do not have complicated emotions like humans. However it is complex as there are so much in a dwelling.

To book, please email a floor plan, either one like an estate agent’s or a hand-drawn one, the size of your property including both inside and outside area, your address and a few photographs. Please let me know in detail what seem to be bothering you, your family or your business and what you would like to achieve.

We will agree on a fee and you are required to send half of the fee as deposit before I proceed, usually within 5 days after receipt of the deposit.

Once I start the process, it takes about 3 days to complete (longer if it’s a huge property) since things need to be done in stages. It will also take a few days to few weeks for the energy within the property to settle. It is like when we mow the lawn, it takes a while for the soil to settle. During this time the occupants might feel unsettled because after all, your property is now in a brand new state.

During this settling period I would like you to notice the feeling around your property and inform me right away if something is not quite right. Layers do exist and sometimes new issues can come up (for example: a stubborn spirit who has given you trouble might actually have been protecting your home from other unwanted ‘guests’ at the same time). I do give routine checks during the period, however, do contact me if you have any concerns.

I will send you a report about what has been done, the cause of the issues you encountered, etc., as well as instructions on how to do light maintenance on your property. I offer maintenance service for my past clients for a modest fee but I would always encourage anyone to look after their property themselves.

The fee includes one Sekhem Healing session for all current occupants in the property (in case of a home) in order that you could settle in the new house with ease.

During the house healing period, you can carry on your daily life as usual, only aware that healing is taking place and do inform me if anything unusual happens around the property.


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