Hello! I’m Stephanie.

Stephanie Shek - London energy healer

This chapter of my life right now is about enjoying what Earth has to offer and what I enjoy most is to assist people to find joy.

Hello! This is me! As you can see, there’s no halo, no white robes and certainly no white beard. I’m a regular human who barely knew what chakras were when I first embarked on this healing journey. My curiosity and fascination about the metaphysical world keep me interested in my studies.

Although I am a Master Teacher for Sekhem, I don’t consider myself an expert or a healer. I’m a helper – I came across the methods that I use today when I needed help and now I’m using them to help others.

My journey began when I saw the changes in me and my life after I had this type of therapy. It was the first time I felt aware of the connections that exist within ourselves and nature. And the turning point for me was when I found myself hugging a tree.

Here’s how that happened.

I was in Melbourne with my husband, without any friends or family, so I spent a lot of time wandering about on my own. After leaving a tiring job, this gave me the opportunity to see things for the first time. In my case, the trees. There’s a beautiful park that I used to walk through with my husband and I took the time to really look around. Amongst all the gorgeous trees there was one that looked terrible due to its scrawny thin branches. When I asked my husband why it looked this way, he said it was sick.

I walked over to the sick tree and hugged it because I felt immense love for it. And I also thought to myself, ‘Oh no! I’ve become one of those weird people who hug tree!’

In that moment, we had a connection – it wasn’t a thoughtful thing to do, it was instinctive – the tree reached out for help and we were able to give each other some comfort. I also started talking to stones during that period of my life, but that’s another story.

Why I don’t consider myself a healer>

In the blog section, there are posts about some of these wellness methods as well as simple techniques that everyone can use to help themselves with. Random thoughts are just that – my take on various concepts. They are not the ultimate truth but one truth that help me to be on my path with ease, and hopefully could assist you to open your mind up to your own truth. I also attempt at writing recipes (the easiest kinds) because why not—we have to eat!

Learning to be Greek and Greece Travel Diary posts document my journey in Greece. If you are interested in Greece and the Greek culture, do check out my Learning to be Greek Facebook page and my instagram @PhotoManandHongKongWoman. There is also a Facebook page for The Loving Energy and I would love to see you there!

There’s a YouTube channel too and recently I published a series of 30 videos titled ‘What is Love?’. Each video contains a simple healing experiment that everyone can do and I invite you to join me in my quest!

Since I first launched this site, I have received many lovely comments regarding the beautiful imagery. Unless otherwise stated, all the nice photos are by my husband Kosta Anastasakis. He was the one who opened up my mind to the metaphysical world and he continues to inspire and support me in this journey. And er… the okay photos are by me. So much to learn!

I’m a firm believer that we can excel in whatever we are interested in by giving some time and focus. Let’s be interested in our well beings and become the Super Version of ourselves starting now!

With love and best wishes,
Stephanie The Loving Energy