Hello! I’m Stephanie.

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Quantum Pain Relief

You are here, possibly because you are experiencing pain. Do you know that you absolutely do not have to, even if you have X-ray, MRI scan or other proof that you have misalignment in your body? I didn’t make this up. I learnt from these two doctors in this video.

If you believe that you are worthy of a pain-free life, I would love to be the guide to get you there. A Quantum Pain Relief (QPR) session with me is on Pay What You Want basis because I, too, believe that you are worthy of a pain-free life!

How does it work?

The word Quantum in the name suggests that the process is happening in the energy level. ‘What do you really mean?’ I hear you say. Yes, I know, there’s so much talk about energy nowadays but what does it really mean?

First, let’s just say, QPR doesn’t involve manipulating body parts, there’s no drugs involved, no surgeries. Actually, I can’t even shake your hand when we meet because the session is online via Zoom!

So, how?

Simply put, when there is pain, it means the energy is not flowing nicely. Often, there is a trapped emotion or trapped emotions blocking the flow. We use a questioning process to address these emotions. When these emotions are gone, the pain will also be gone.

What is a QPR session like?

All QPR sessions happen online via Zoom. You will receive a link upon making an appointment, in the notification email. All you need to do is to click on the link at the scheduled appointment time.

When we meet, first, we will say ‘hello’, of course! Then, you will tell me in detail about the pain you are experiencing. If you have more than one pain, I will ask you to choose one to work with. If, say, you have pain on your shoulders, I will ask you to choose one shoulder to work with first. This might sound funny, but they can have different emotions blocking the energy flow.

When we know which body part we are dealing with, we will proceed with the questioning process to find out the trapped emotions and to eliminate them. Sometimes we also start the process by use of energy which helps to move things along nicely.

That’s it! Any questions? Please feel free to contact me with any questions through using this form.

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Quantum Pain Relief