Hello! I’m Stephanie.
What is Sekhem?

Sekhem healing originated from Ancient Egypt

Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian form of healing. It helps us break down which no longer serves us and helps us transform lives. Sekhem Healing is similar to Reiki yet like the other systems, it has its own distinctive vibrational frequency; it ranges from pure unconditional love to pure light.

Sekhem is often associated with the lion-headed Goddess Sekhmet, who is believed to be the guardian and protector of this energy. Sekhmet is of the Feline species, who are advance in healing and they often assist the healing session.  It is thought that they originated from the Orion Star System and they have been helping the human race for eons unconditionally, just like how you would instinctively help the ones in need. Sometimes they communicate telepathically to the practitioners regarding what the client needs and relate any messages that are important for the client’s healing.

I use Sekhem for Land and Property Healing as well. Please click here for detailed information

How does it work?

Our bodies are very well designed machines and we all have the ability to heal ourselves. However, emotional, environmental and physical stress can often stop the bodies from performing to their full potential. Sekhem Healing is able to gently release these blockages and wounds from the past so that we can move on to a healthier and more joyful life.

During the treatment, you would be lying down, fully dressed but without shoes, like taking a nap. Sekhem energy will come out of my hands and your body will absorb as much as it needs in order to achieve balance. I would be placing my hands on your feet, knees, arms, shoulders and head. For other area of the bodies, my hands would be above but not touching.

Sekhem Healing can be facilitated remotely as well. Please visit Distant Sekhem page for more detail. 

Before coming to the treatment, it is helpful to notice how you are feeling, how you would like to feel afterwards, what changes you would like to make in your mental, emotional and physical states, and we will focus on assisting you to achieve these goals for the session.

After the treatment, people often experience a new sense of joy, inner peace, clarity of mind and new awareness on how to help themselves to moving forward.

How many sessions you need is totally up to you. Some people might have more baggage and wounds than others. Some people recognize the potential they have inside of themselves and would like to rediscover it. Some people might have resistance to change due to some deep rooted beliefs and require extra assistance for the same issue.

Healing is your personal journey. You are always in control and I am only an instrument which assist you through part of it.

I also offer Sekhem courses, from foundation (Level One) course to Master Teacher Level. Please go to Sekhem Courses page for more details.

Please visit Helen Belôt‘s website if you wish to learn more about Sekhem. Helen was the one who rediscovered and reintroduced this energy system. Below is a video in which Helen talks about Sekhem.

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