Hello! I’m Stephanie.

I asked my clients if they were going to explain the benefits and how they found my services, what would they say? They have kindly allowed me to share their answers as testimonials. I hope these give you an insight into reasons why people have come to see me and also what they’ve gotten out of our sessions.

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The Loving Energy TestimonialStephanie is my lighthouse.

I will disappear into the ocean of life for months, sometimes years.. but when things get rocky all I have to do is reach out to her and she will be there, unconditionally, she is my beacon of light. She points out the obstacles and clearly explains the route around them. I am sailing away again with peace in my heart, a clear understanding, and the feeling of being gifted by her interaction and the information that she has bestowed on me. Uplifted with clear direction and ready for the next chapter in my life.

Thank you Stephanie

Jonathan Baker, Fundi at Rusty Fundi

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The Loving Energy TestimonialShe really helped me

Stephanie gave me an excellent session that took me to the next level of confidence and embodying my own power. The energetics of past lives were cleared and information received plus she is very encouraging and positive.


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Powerful Energy Work

The Loving Energy TestimonialStephanie offered me Sekhem healing session when she intuitively realized that I needed it.
It was a remote session. I was travelling when she tuned into my energy and my higher self. All information that she shared with me and the work that she done on me was so valuable in my spiritual and healing journey. She has such softness about her that you feel her even she is remote. So much love to you Stephanie. I wish to see you more and even in person.

Karuna Chinchkhede

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Very intuitive

The Loving Energy TestimonialStephanie’s ability to tune into your energy makes her the best option for you to discover things about yourself that are preventing you to become the best version of yourself.

I had the honor of being Stephanie’s client several times, for BQH and sekhem energy work. Is is an understatement when I say that sessions really blew my mind.

In sekhem I was able to feel energy moving through my body for the entire duration. I really don’t know what she did, but my shoulder pain is now gone!

And BQH session was amazing! Stephanie’s unique intuitive ability will dig up anything that is blocking us. Her kind and gentle voice will lead you out of the maze created by your conscious mind, and will help you become best version of yourself.

It was pleasure working with you Stephanie. I am so grateful that I had opportunity to meet you.


Nikola, I.T. Specialist

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She truly vibrates a Loving Energy!

The Loving Energy TestimonialStephanie sent me a Sekhem healing in exchange for a BQH spirit reading.

The energy between us blew us both off our feet! It seems that during the reading, as I received guidance for her, we believe, I also received an initiation into her modality!

It took me a few days to integrate the energy. Stephanie tunes in very deeply to her clients and it is very easy to feel her very open and loving energy through her words.

After her instructions I prepared to sleep and receive deep healing,
I did feel very well rested and refreshed the next morning and found an email from Stephanie with a list from my HS.

These messages were spot on and also helped me to shift my perspective on some major aspects of my life.

I highly recommend a session with Stephanie.
She truly vibrates a Loving Energy!

Namaste! Kim

Kimberly, Psychic Medium

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Testimony for Stephanie
I believe that true healing for any individual requires a partnership with the healer.
And that the receiver must be in a state of belief, openness & willingness to receive whatever 
information comes their way. This includes obvious as well as unexpected information and events. 
Stephanie, brings an open, loving heart and willingness to heal. Her loving and caring 
presence facilitates a healing-energy partnership. I felt so comfortable 
communicating with her, even though I never met her in person. I asked her a few simple 
questions about my life and health. She energetically tapped into my emotional body where 
I believe, the healing must take place first, before the physical healing can take place. 
She zeroed right in on my real issues of health and healing (not what I had written), 
and clarified for me the actual issues. 
Stephanie reflected back my inner emotional state in a clear, concise message that made sense 
and went right to my heart. That’s where the healing happened. Once highlighted, the issues 
she mentioned made complete sense, although I would not have concluded it on my own. 
I realized that the healing took place on a whole other level than where my expectations had been. 
It was right.
J Scabrini, 08.2016

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In 2012 My husband died and I was left in a very lonely confused state. Feeling guilt around the manner of his passing and a multitude of other destructive thoughts.
I was introduced to Stephanie by a good friend when they came one Saturday morning for a cup of tea. In conversation she told me of the experiences she had had with her own healing journey.
I listened but not with any thought that that was a course for me. I thought I was handling things. I did not want to ask for help.
Things spiralled down to a very dark place for me – fear, grief, anger, and helplessness. I had to change. Anything was worth a go.

Anne FarnworthIn one session of combined Sekhem and Kinesthesiolopgy the shift was astounding. I could breath. Stephanie’s attention and dedication to bringing relief was and continues to be unusually generous.
I really do not know where I would be without her help.
I had another session before a trip back to visit family.
I felt comfortable and open and more importantly loving toward them all. And they noticed a change in me. I was becoming my true self.
since then I have recommended Stephanie to several friends. Some of their testimonials are also here.

Anne Farnworth, Actor

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alexI would highly recommend Stephanie’s therapy. Professionally and personally Stephanie has excellent interpersonal skills and has the natural ability to put you at ease which really helped throughout the whole meditation. I personally found the experience fulfilling and it has helped ease both mental and physical anxieties which has had a profound impact on my personal well being. Furthermore the experience was extremely insightful into the previous experiences I have had (in my present and past life’s) and how these experiences influence my thoughts and behaviours. After the session I felt a strong and positive force which has had a positive impact in my personal and professional life. Overall a very positive and enriching experience.

Alex, employment advisor

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I saw Stephanie on the recommendation of a friend who had some success with her emotional healing. I had lost a lot of confidence in myself after a terrible relationship and break-up and whilst I had dated, I hadn’t had a boyfriend in 10 years. I had never had closure with him and I felt like a horrible judge of character for picking someone that I had allowed to treat me so badly. 

During our session, we discussed my own self worth and self love along with working through the relationship. After the session, I felt far more confident and full of love.

Bizarrely,  On the way back, I bumped into the ex-boyfriend that I had the bad break up with whom I hadn’t seen for about 8 years.  Seeing him after the treatment, allowed me to have closure as  I could see for  myself that I am not a bad person and neither is he. I was beating myself up for picking him and thinking that I am bad at choosing men but I am not. But I totally saw all the things that made us v different and not able to have a long term relationship. 

There were many other benefits to the treatment but the most important were learning to love and value myself. I truly recommend Stephanie as her approach is unique and understanding to each individual and her compassion for humanity is limitless. 

Sonali, chef and nutritionist

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Zoe Cox - energy healing testimonialI’ve known Stephanie for many years and I was thrilled when she told me of her work on me whilst I lived thousands miles away… Distant healing. I would go about my daily activities aware of my next scheduled appointment and within a few days her report would correspond to the physical or mental issue I was struggling with. She would feel and intuitively speak to my higher self for answers and cures. Later, in succession of many months I felt an emotion of self-empowerment and love. Within myself. I was also privileged to visit her in London and have a past life regression session in hypnotherapy. It was truly an amazing experience to visualize my connections with the people I know, and unravel my soul contracts with them. Her nurturing, methodical, and professional approach healed my struggle with self worth in relationships. Stephanie helped me heal my pain and I turn my life around.

Thank you Stephanie

Zoe Cox, Intuitive Reader

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Nicole Spinosa - energy healer testimonialStephanie has the most powerful gift for identifying, cleansing and releasing the most stubborn of unwanted energies and blocks from dwellings and people. I was absolutely astounded as to the lightness of my home, my children, and myself after she did such a comprehensive clearing for us. I had blocks that were placed in my path very deeply that I wasn’t able to release on my own. The biggest one was a black magic curse that an attachment of an ex-boyfriend had placed on me. To have this cleared fully gave me not only a new lease on life, but a strong sense of freedom to step into my own power fully. It’s no surprise that I’m blessed with Stephanie in my life just when I’m needed most as a beacon of light for others.

Nicole Espinosa mylotusrising.com

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Stephanie has a warm, nurturing presence and is generous with her time and support. She creates a safe, comfortable space in which her clients can truly relax and open up.

Jennifer Hand, Kinesiologist


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It’s difficult to conclude the tremendous result achieved from Stephanie’s healing.  I don’t want to use the cliché word “amazing” since it’s truly beyond this word.  I studied science at school and my usual analytical way of thinking did resist her healing at the beginning:” Not kidding me, Stephanie is in London now, how could she sent the healing power to HK?!” I gave a chance to Stephanie and myself, things started to change slowly but progressively. She usually did the healing when I was sleeping, I feel a bit tired in the morning after but I also feel some knots of my heart were undone.

Hatred, denial, in-sGrave Pang - energy healer testimonialecurity, self doubt….started to eliminated from my life, I joked with Stephanie once: “I feel like you are cleaning my messy closet in each session. ” In more precise words, Stephanie cleared the years long dust on the window of my heart, I can see the true wellness from myself more clearly after each session. Before the healing, I had been doing a repetitive work in the same position for more than 15 years, this comfort zone is like a shallow muddy pond which made me feel suffocated but I cannot see any exit.  After receiving countless healing, I gained enough confidence to step out my comfort zone finally. The flower of creativity blossoms again and I am doing what I enjoy the most—jewelry designer. Above words are too limited to express my gratitude to Stephanie, I hope that more people will be benefited from her healing.

Grace Pang, Guru Pang Workshop Founder

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Dear Everyone,Julie Puttgen - energy healing testimonial

This is just to say that Stephanie Shek is the real deal: a person who can see clearly and respond compassionately.  She opened herself to real dialogue to make sure I understood as much as I could about the healing processes she engaged in my Being, and she approached all of it – Sekhem, kinesiology – with humility and a sense of humor.  It is rare & important to find such a gifted person, rare & important to listen to what she finds & respond honestly to it.  Don’t pretend to not-know what you know.  Don’t pretend to know what you don’t know.  Listen, ask, be heard.  There are beautiful mysteries everywhere, and Stephanie is a beautiful channel for them.  I can honestly say I feel clearer, more confident & more open having received healing from her.  Thank you, Stephanie, for sticking with me & helping me do the laundry & sweep the house of my soul.

With gratitude,

Julie, Meditation Teacher

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Stephanie was recommended to me by a friend who knew I was going through emotional difficulties and that I was feeling a bit low and lost. I went without really knowing what was to come and I am glad I gave her my trust and took that first step. Since my very first visit many changes in myself have happened. Everytime I visit Stephanie something shifts in my life and understanding of it. Stephanie has a knowledge about life and peoplFleur Poad past life testimoniale that astounded me, as she seemed to know me so well on my first visit without having had any previous information about me. She is very loving and caring and also makes me laugh often. My last experience has been recalling my past lives. It was a gentle trance that took me back into the visions of previous lives. It was the first time I felt I connected to my sub conscience and listened to my own inner wisdom which has since then become an integral part of my life. Stephanie dedicates a lot of time to her clients and is understanding and supporting. I hope I can learn more from her and revisit the past again as this experience has had an important impact on my life. I can only recommend Stephanie to everyone open for a deeper understanding of themselves and change. Not all things can be explained but I can explain that Stephanie makes the best sense you can give any questioning mind.

Fleur Poad, Actress & Yoga Teacher

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ElizaWhen Stephanie answered the door, she wasn’t what I expected an energy healer to be like. She was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. I liked her immediately. I paid Stephanie a visit after a recommendation from a friend. I’ve been finding ‘life’ an uphill struggle – I was stuck in a rut, not sure how to move forward with my career. It was obvious I had to confront aspects of myself first and it was terrifying. Whilst I’d rather hoped, like going to a doctor, Stephanie could just ‘magic’ all negative feelings away, I had to do a lot of the work too but with Stephanie providing a safe place to release all my emotions and to guide me, it became refreshing rather than something I dreaded. Since that first session, I feel that slowly but surely, I’m understanding myself more and identifying how I can move forward, free from burdens. I’ve no idea how she does it, but for me, that’s not important.

Eliza Flynn, Marketing Advisor & Personal Trainer