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Thank you, my amazing interviewers and your wonderful team, for these inspiring interviews – your questions made me scratch my head harder than usual and continue to inspire me to dig deeper into everything that I am and do. I had so much fun during the chats and I hope you did too!

Dear readers, thank you for looking me up and making it to this page! No matter what brought you to these interviews, I hope you will enjoy them as much I do.

I include some of my videos from my YouTube channel and what I did for other channels as well.

MysticMag – Katarina Todorovic

Meet a true embodiment of the saying, “Curiosity leads to enlightenment.” Our guest, once a skeptic with little knowledge of chakras, has now become a Master Teacher of Sekhem—a profound healing practice. Without the usual trappings of a spiritual guru, they describe themselves not as an expert or healer, but as a helper, using the methods that once aided them to now assist others. Their healing journey began unexpectedly in Melbourne, far from family and friends. It was here, amidst the city’s parks, that a serendipitous encounter with a sickly tree changed everything. This moment of connection, when they instinctively hugged the tree, marked the beginning of an awakening to the interconnectedness of all life. Join Mystic Mag as we delve into this extraordinary narrative of transformation, exploring how a newfound awareness of nature’s subtle energies has guided them to a life of helping others.

Katarina Todorovic, MysticMag

Tune In: Radio for Your Mind, Body & Soul – Kealah Parkinson

The Loving energy – with Stephanie Shek

What brings you joy or makes you feel love? Blogger, energy practitioner, citizen of the world & explorer of that ancient question, “What is love?”, Stephanie Shek shares some of her answers & tests plus teaches us about some new-to-the-show, esoteric energy practices like the ancient Egyptian healing art called Sekhem. In this episode, we talk about #Sekhem, #chakras, #landhealing, #hypnosis, #kinesiology, #worldtravel, & the underused tool of giggling. This episode aired on WVLP in November 2021.

Kealah Parkinson

‘What is Love?’ video project

Thank you for joining me in my ‘What is Love?’ project. 30 days exploring what is, what is not, and whatever is love.

Stephanie 石 The Loving Energy

The project started as a way to practise speaking in front of the camera, in case one day I will be interviewed! It was meant to be like, ‘Today I think love is giggles’ and whatever random that came to my mind. Turned out, what randomly came to my mind were simple healing tools that either I picked up from somewhere from my studies or I made up myself. In 35 days, I created 30 videos, sharing 30 simple healing tools including some guided visualization.

The full ‘What is Love?’ video project playlist can be accessed by clicking the image below.

The Most Powerful Session Stories – A Worldwide Regression Week Event! – Quantum Healers

The most surprising or the most powerful thing to occur in a Quantum Healing session.” Seasoned practitioners Candace Craw-Goldman, Mario Radinger, Chrysilla Lewies, Hara Katsiki, Barbara Becker and Stephanie Shek come together to compare notes and chat about some of their most memorable client experiences, discoveries and healings.

Quantum Healers

I was mighty excited to be included in this round table chat because I knew each of the participants and didn’t think Candace Craw-Goldman, the founder of QuantumHealers.com would consider me to be in the same league as my colleagues whom I admired. I didn’t think I could tell a story back then and had to rely on my notes and couldn’t stay in the moment! Actually, I still rely on notes… I need more practice!!!

Stephanie Shek on her favourite that happened in a session – Quantum Healers

Stephanie Shek shares her favorite thing that ever happened during a quantum healing session

Quantum Healers

One of the first videos I made, thanks to Candace Craw Goldman and her Worldwide Regression Week project for honouring our beloved teacher Dolores Cannon.

Stephanie Shek on Entities and Attachments in sessions

Stephanie Shek discusses entities and attachments that present themselves in quantum healing sessions.

Quantum Healers

Another video for the Worldwide Regression Week. I was so glad for this topic because I think there are so many misconceptions out there.

Stephanie Shek shares her thoughts on Community

Stephanie Shek shares her thoughts on the Quantum Healing Community!

Quantum Healers

The Quantum Healers Forum helped me in my growth so much, especially when I was a baby in the metaphysical field. If you are a wellness practitioner of any kind of modalities, do check it out. There is a 7 days free trial to see if it’s a right fit for you.

Brain Gym – 4 simple steps to help you stay focused

The movements in the video are taken from Brain Gym 101 course. They are simple and easy to do and everyone can benefit from them. You also don’t have to do all the steps every time. You can choose whichever steps that come to your mind.

The Loving Energy

The first video I made for The Loving Energy YouTube Channel! (Scroll down and you will see the first video I ever created.) It was filmed in the outdoor cinema cafe on Mykonos and my actress was my friend from there. Can you believe that we created this video without a common language? Eleni spoke only Greek and my Greek was non-existent back then. But it worked!

This one with Greek subtitles, thanks to our cousin George’s subtitle help!

This video is the first video I ever created. Not of me or healing stuff, but the love of my life, PhotoMan and his outdoor digital exhibition at Tower Bridge, London, in the freezing cold.