Hello! I’m Stephanie.
Distant Sekhem – Receiving healing in the comfort of your home

Meteora monastery, Greece

When I first heard of distant/remote/absentee healing, I was over the moon because most of my friends and family members are far away from me. Instead of questioning how it could work, all I focus on was how to actually do it. When I finally learnt it, I started working with my friends right away. What a natural way to give healing! It is as simple as fish swimming in water. It has become my favourite – don’t get me wrong, I love meeting people face to face but distant healing allows me to connect with people at different corners of the world.

The most simple explanation

Have a search and you will find many detailed explanation regarding distant healing mechanism. However my brain just doesn’t wire that way and I’m going to explain it the way I would to my clients.  Imagine it a bit like wi-fi. You know it’s working because you’re seeing results when you Google things on your phone but you can’t see it. You also don’t have to know how wi-fi works for it to work!

I asked one of my clients to see if they could try and explain the distant healing they receive from me:

Hmm.  What distant healing means to me.  An opportunity to let go of feeling isolated and separate in “my pain,” and to open to another person’s connection with the Sacred, passing through her being into mine.  A way to ask for help, and really receive it in the most transformational way.  An opportunity to re-write old stories and move through old blocks.  Distant healing is actually very nearby.  It is intimate and impersonal all at once.

Via emails or online appointment – it’s all up to you!

Please get in contact and tell me how you are, what is troubling you, any physical symptoms, how you would like to feel and what you would like to achieve through my services. You may tell me as much or as little as you like. There are no rules! Please let me know your location and time zone so that we can set up a suitable time for our appointment. 

Via emails

If you prefer to communicate via emails, please let me know your usual bed time. I generally conduct distant healing when the clients are in deep sleep as their bodies are in their most relaxed state. However if you are used to meditation and would like to experience the Sekhem energy in a meditative state, we can arrange a time that suits us both too. Occasionally people experience mild nausea or sleepiness during a session so it’s crucial that you are not driving, operating machinery or engaging in any activities that involve much concentration.

Some clients told me that they feel body sensation at the time of the session. Some said they had healing related dreams. Some said they felt absolutely nothing during the session although they felt much joy afterwards.

Once healing is completed, I will email with information that has come through during the session. Just like an in-person session, I welcome your feedback and further discussion/questions that may arise from the healing. 

Via online appointment

Please allow 1.5 to 2 hours for our appointment. After setting up a date and time, I will send you a link to our Zoom meeting. All you need to do is to click on the link at our appointment time or a few minutes before and we will be connected face to face. We will have a little chat about the reasons for this session and what you would like to achieve through it. For the actual healing, I would ask you to lie comfortably in your bed, sofa or in a recliner chair, whichever you find the most comfortable for a nap. This will last for about 40 minutes to just over an hour.

The length of the healing session really depends on what the clients need at the time and I would never cut a session short. Please allow extra time in case our session exceeds the 1.5 to 2 hours that was previously stated. I also suggest my clients to have a bit of relax time for themselves to digest the session before going back to their daily routine. 

We will keep our Zoom connection throughout our appointment. The healing portion will usually be conducted in silence but please feel free to talk to me if you feel the need to. If you like essential oil/incense/candles, it would be a great idea to fill up your room with your favourite fragrance during this portion. You are also welcome to play some soothing music for yourself too. 

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