Hello! I’m Stephanie.
Learning Sekhem

People nowadays are more aware of their health than ever and many are looking for ways to help themselves, usually either through diet and exercise and some people even change their whole lifestyle in order to obtain wellness.

Sekhem Healing is one of the tools that we can learn to help ourselves with. There is no prerequisite requirement for Level One and is suitable for anyone regardless of their background.

When I contacted my first Sekhem teacher Lina Ramchand, I had doubts whether I could be able to learn it. I barely knew what chakras were at that time. Lina reassured me that I could and I did. She also adjusted to my needs and spent extra hours with me. I follow her examples and am flexible with time so that my students can learn in a pace that they are comfortable with.

Level One (16 hours)

After Level One, you will be able to conduct a full Sekhem Healing treatment for yourself and others.

During the workshop, we will go through the history of Sekhem and its use, how to conduct a full treatment and other necessities such as creating a sacred space and protection for yourself. There will be an initiation after which you will be able to channel Sekhem energy. We will also discuss some relevant topics for your self-development.

Sekhem Healing, just like any other healing methods, is a very hands-on skill and one needs to use it in order to find their ways. The workshop itself is only a start. As we use it on ourselves and others, questions often arise. Just like how my teachers have been helping me, I’m happy to converse with my students either through emails or online chat after the workshop whenever they have any queries, or when they want to share their experiences with me.

Practitioner Levels

On completion of Sekhem Level Two, you will be certified to practice Sekhem Healing professionally. After that, there are the Advanced Level, Master Practitioner Level and Master Teacher Level.

I will not go through what exactly each of these levels comprises because it is challenging to describe many of the techniques and concepts in simple words. What I can say is that each level will offer you more symbols and techniques to add on to your tool box. There will also be an initiation during each level to open you up to a higher vibration of the Sekhem energy. We will also have a chat about the sessions you have conducted so far and about your self-development.

It sounds very easy to become a Sekhem practitioner. It is and it isn’t. The workshops might be short but it requires a high level of commitment in order for one to be totally comfortable in offering Sekhem professionally. Other than conducting many practice sessions, one needs to constantly review one’s life and make changes through meditation and self-healing. One also needs to be completely honest with their ability and strive to keep a pure heart in order to be a clear channel of Sekhem.

There is no set rule on when a Level One student can continue with Level Two and onward. It greatly varies depending on individuals’ background and commitment. Please contact me when you feel ready and we will discuss whether it is appropriate or if I’m the appropriate teacher for you.


All Sekhem courses are available only in person and not online because the initiation must be conducted in person in order that the full potential is reached.

I currently live in Crete, Greece, and move around a bit. I also travel to Hong Kong every year. If you are interested in taking Sekhem workshops, please let me know by email so that I can notify you when I am near you. I would also consider going to your location if all expenses are covered.

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