Hello! I’m Stephanie.
Optimizing the harmony level between yourself, your property and land!
Property healing services
Why bother?

Part of my studies involved observing my clients’ well beings, their progress and so on to see what else needs to be done. A chance visit to one of my client’s home brought me to an ah-ha! moment.

One simple way of looking at how healing works is that the practitioners assist the clients to achieve what they set out to do/be by removing blocks within their bodies and auric fields. In another word, we give them a good ‘clean’ (amongst other things; this is only intended to be a simple explanation) so the clients can move forward with ease.

The progress would be much slower, if possible at all, if the clients spend a lot of their time being in places that affect them in an undesirable way. Thanks to the aforementioned client, I came to the realization that land/property healing is much needed – because one simply cannot stay clean even if scrubbing themselves daily, if one sleeps in mud.

What in the land/property affect us?

There are natural factors and synthetic factors.

Natural factors are what come with the land or atmosphere. Possibly since the beginning of the Earth existence, or since each time Earth renewed itself. There are points or lines that affect most if not all humans; some in positive ways and some in not so desirable ways.

Synthetic factors are those that were made by humans, both intentionally or not. Land and objects (from your personal belongings to the material the property was built with) absorb all sorts of vibration that humans project to them. The same goes with the space in between objects. An obvious example of intentional human thought projection would be curses, whether intended for the present or previous occupants. Example of unintentional thought projections are stress or other unwanted emotions from the present/previous occupants or from people who were having conflicts in the area (e.g. during wartimes). There are also synthetic factors that are neither intentional nor unintentional such as wifi or a nearby train line.

The presence of other dimensional beings can greatly affect us too. With ‘other dimensional’ I mean non 3D beings, those that are undetected by our physical eyes. There are many different types or species but I am not going to list or talk about them here because my objective is to explain in the simplest ways what a land/property healing involves. I do not want to make a debate as to what exist or not; nor do I want to instill fear. What I would like to emphasis is that very rarely the beings are ‘out there to get you’. Simply because you have decided to live in this space doesn’t mean all other beings agree to leave or not to pass by.

What if I don’t believe in what you talk about, but still want to give it a try, will it work?

Yes. Definitely. You do not need to believe anything but the positive outcome that you and other occupants can see or feel for yourselves.

Land/Property Healing with Sekhem

Land is the most robust foundation that all of us humans share. Without land, we have nowhere to stand on or to build on, and even ocean cannot exist without land to contain it. It is of paramount importance that we tend to the wellness of the land and our relationship with it. Therefore, even if you live in a high-rise apartment, we will still attend to the land itself and often, harmonization support will be given to the occupants during a land/property healing.

I use Sekhem Healing Energy as the main tool for all land/property healing. Sekhem is a ancient Egyptian form of healing. Please visit Sekhem Healing page to learn more about it.

The ultimate intention for all land/property healing is to establish optimal harmony level between the humans and their property and land. Whether or not you notice any issues regarding your property, land/property healing can optimize the overall wellbeing of yourself and other occupants in relation to your living environment.

The healing marks the beginning of a new relationship between the occupants and the land. Just like any relationships, it takes time and attention for the involved parties to be in harmony with one another. In her blog, Sylviane Gianina gave a beautiful account of the changes she witnessed since we facilitated a Land/Property Healing with Sekhem for her and her temporary home.

knew harmony was achieved when I got perfectly still, peaceful and happy. Then I could feel love pouring everywhere in the root network in the soil, connecting all the stars in the sky in an evolving pattern and myself sitting there in awe and shining.

Sylviane Gianina

Everyone can request for a Land/Property Healing. You may be the land or property owner, you may be renting an apartment or a workspace, you may even request a healing for the park that you frequently visit.

I conduct land/property healing remotely, which means that my services are available anywhere in the world. This is usually a one-off treatment as land and objects do not have complicated emotions like humans. However, it is complex as there are so much in a dwelling.

How to proceed?

We will open a conversation via email. Please provide the followings:

  1. The ultimate intention for all land/property healing is to establish optimal harmony level between the humans and their property and land. Please detail, if any, particular issues you would like to resolve.
  2. A floor plan of your home which indicates where it is facing north. Please include any outdoor area in your floor plan. It can be an architectural floor plan or a hand drawn one.
  3. Aerial maps of your property and the surrounding, one that shows your property and the immediate surroundings, and one that shows more of the area. Please outline the area of your property.
  4. Photographs of your home to show every room, the outdoor area, your house/apartment building taken from outside. Please provide a brief description (e.g. living room/entrance hall/view of garden from bedroom window) for each photograph.
  5. List of occupants (if any), including animals.
  6. The address.
land healing with sekhem
Aerial screenshot of property and immediate surroundings.
sekhem healing
Aerial screenshot of property and nearby area.

I will seek permission from the Spirit or Guardian of the land, and guidance and the project fee from my Spirit Team. I will relate the information to you in return email, i.e. whether we can enhance the harmony level between you, your property and the land, and, if applicable, if we are able to resolve the highlighted issues, as well as the project fee.

Honesty, openness and fairness are some of the qualities that I embrace. I will not suggest an initial meeting unless something can be done. There are times when permission is denied, or that the healing needs to be carried out on a later time period. I will let you know the guidance that I receive.

If you wish to proceed to the next step, please let me know where you are located and your time zone so that we can arrange an online appointment.

Initial Meeting:

Upon scheduling an Initial Meeting, I will send you a Zoom link. Please send Initial Meeting fee at least 24 hours prior our appointment.

The main purpose of having an Initial Meeting instead of going straight to the actual healing is so that we have a chance to meet and discuss in detail. During our meeting, I might ask you questions about the layout and location of your property to ensure that I understand the floorplan and photographs.

Oftentimes, we need to provide harmonization support for the occupants of the property so that they will settle more readily into the new state of their environment. I will need permission from each person whom we need to provide harmonization support for. 

The Initial Meeting will be recorded and the recording will be sent to you within a few days.

Land/Property Healing:

If you wish to go ahead with the Land/Property Healing, we will arrange a date for the Healing and a date/time for a Post-Healing Meeting. Please send the project fee at least 24 hours prior to the Healing date. I will send you a Zoom link for the Post-Healing Meeting.

On the day of the healing, you might feel something is going on around your property. This is normal because my energetic self and my spirit team are indeed there to carry out the project.

For occupants who will receive harmonization support, please pay extra attention to your wellbeing during the healing period. This is not a full healing session, however, some people may experience dizziness or tiredness.

I will notify you by email when the healing is completed and let you know if there’s any ‘must-know’ information before our next meeting.

Your property is now in a new state. You might feel unsettled for a while, similar to when you move to a new home. Please feel free to let me know any feedbacks or questions before our next meeting.

Post-Healing Meeting:

I will go through the report with you and we will discuss any questions you may have. The report usually includes information and guidance regarding the land and property, and the issues that were discussed during the Initial Meeting.

The Post-Healing Meeting will be recorded. The recording and the written report will be emailed to you within the next few days.

Land/Property Healing Prices:

Initial Meeting:

31 euro. Duration: about 30 minute or longer, depending on how complex your property is. Fee non-refundable. Should you wish to proceed with the project, the Initial Meeting fee will be deducted from the total cost of the project.

Project fee:

Will be related to you through initial email. Price is valid for 31 days and includes a Post-Healing Meeting which lasts up to about an hour, depending on how much we need to discuss.