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Lina Ramchand and her Self-Study Guide Reflections

Posted by on Mar 19, 2021 in Book recommendation, My Magical World
Lina Ramchand Reflections
Lina Ramchand’s Reflections. I like to take my time and reflect on a few paragraphs at a time.

Since receiving Lina Ramchand’s Reflections, I’ve been using it as a self-study guide with remarkable results. I set out to write a book recommendation but because it is such a rare privilege to have met the author in person, I included snippets of our interaction in this article as well. 

My first encounter with Lina Ramchand the Sekhem Master Teacher

Lina Ramchand was my first energy healing teacher. Whilst living in London, I had the urge of learning Sekhem even though I knew nothing about energy healing nor aware of any metaphysical concepts like chakras or intuition. Lina, the only Sekhem teacher in London area that showed up in the internet search, assured me in her email that I would be alright and that she would teach me at my pace. Despite her reassurance, I arrived at her place full of doubts. What had I signed up for? Everything was new and strange to me back then. New to living in London, new to living with my husband, new to having no other family members or friends nearby. What am I doing with this Indian lady at her house learning a subject that I couldn’t even pronounce?

Destiny was not a subject that I thought about but I had this ‘This is meant to be!’ moment when Lina told me that she was, like me, from Hong Kong. I relaxed right away. She’s from home! She’s not a stranger!

Lina thought I chose to study with her because of the Hong Kong thread. I told her no, I didn’t know and that she was the only one who showed up on the search. I had wanted to find a teacher who lived in a neighbourhood that I was familiar with but no luck. Lina was surprised because whenever she checked, other Sekhem teachers’ pages always showed up before hers. ‘You really are meant to be here,’ said Lina. YES!!! This mysterious ‘meant to be’ broke the ice nicely and dissolved whatever doubts I had regarding learning Sekhem.

‘Meant to be’ continues…

Recently, in the middle of ordering books online, I received a newsletter from Lina informing us that her book Reflections was available on Amazon. Coincidence? I put it in my shopping basket without a second thought. I emailed Lina post purchase to tell her about it. She replied,

‘That’s Divine Timing for you – and perhaps a sign that you are meant to read this book.
Hope you find it comforting, uplifting and/or inspiring in some way.’

The book arrived a few weeks ago. I find it to be useful, practical and dependable. Inspiring, definitely. I realized how much inner homework I have yet to do although it is comforting to know that I have this reliable little book by my side as my teacher and I can learn at my own pace. I especially like that each topic/concept comprises a few very short paragraphs which makes these sometimes difficult to understand, or adapt, concepts much more manageable and I take my time to reflect on one paragraph at a time.

Reflections: a Self-Study Guide

Reflections is a pocket-size book. If it were a story book, I could finish reading it within an hour. I did try but after about twenty minutes, I became very tired from reading it and I remembered what Lina explained to me during the first Sekhem workshop. She said something to the effect of ‘when we learn or read high vibration spiritual matter that we need to absorb, the processing takes place at a deeper level, and can create energetic shifts within us as well, and that can make us feel tired, more so if it is all very new to us.’

I was still too excited to have a book written by Lina and I decided to play with it a bit. I ruffled the pages to loosen them and then I flicked open a page to see what I would get. The first words I noticed were ‘receiving and giving’. An incident came to mind.

Real Life Lesson on Receiving

It happened back in London, at Lina’s home when a few of us students got together for a Sekhem share. I opened up to them about how I was struggling financially and how I almost didn’t show up because I wanted to save the bus fare for grocery shopping. After Lina and the other students offered me encouragement and practical suggestions, Lina asked me to help her in the kitchen. I thought it was for making teas but it wasn’t. Instead, Lina shared something a friend said to her one day when they were talking about giving and receiving.

During the conversation with her friend, she commented on how uncomfortable she felt when people did or gave things to her out of the blue. Her friend then asked her if she enjoyed helping people and why, to which Lina replied ‘Yes, because it brings me joy.’ Her friend then commented: ‘Why then do you deny other people the joy of helping you?’ Lina said that had an impact on her as she had never looked at it that way and since then found it easier to receive.  

She then presented me with an envelope and said she didn’t have much cash in her wallet that day but that there was enough to cover my fare to her place and back. I realized she was offering me money and my first reaction was to reject it but I was able to accept it with relief thanks to her story. It wasn’t easy but this incident helped me to open up to receiving help and since then many doors that were previously closed (by myself probably) began to open.

People who have been dedicated in their spiritual practices would find the content in this book familiar. All have been said and written over and over again from different origins, cultures, religions and eras. I enjoy revisiting these concepts through Lina’s perspective. Similar to the lesson of receiving above, Lina developed wisdom through both life experiences and her working as a holistic practitioner and teacher. She has been studying, practising and teaching spirituality way before it became something of a ‘trend’ as such, and I appreciate the time and effort it took her to create such a precise study companion.

Lina Ramchand the Serene Journalist

Before getting to her spiritual studies, Lina worked as a journalist for a major English newspaper in Hong Kong and various other publications. Her style of writing in Reflections is what I imagine true journalism would be: Lina reports what she has learnt and digested over the years as to what works and what doesn’t around the subject of self-empowerment. She doesn’t make wow-factor claims or use any of those gimmicks that are so widely adapted nowadays. The information is presented with matter-of-fact-ness which is neither forceful nor trying to please or persuade. Her words are precise and easy to understand, written with logic and reasons.

There is magic in this little self-study guide. Whenever I flip open a page for the theme of my meditation, the topic is always what I need to focus on. I also find myself being able to relax into the inner journey with calmness and focus easily. This leads me to believe that the book itself radiates Lina’s true essence/light. During my Sekhem apprenticeship, Lina allowed me to practise Sekhem on her body. During the whole session, my cluttered mind was unusually calm and quiet and I knew it was because I was immersed in her aura. What a powerful way to teach! Lina was happy for me to have this experience so that I knew what I could become. The book seems to have the same effect on me, keeping me in serenity despite my inner journey being sometimes turbulent.

Reflections Reflections Reflections

Although it is wonderful to engage in the ‘sitting with straight back empty the mind’ type of meditation, it is not a requirement for using Reflections as a self-study guide. It is all about the intention. For example, I was lounging on the sofa comfortably when I remembered the incident of ‘receiving’ that I mentioned previously. I allowed myself to reminisce the time spent with Lina and her students and I experienced much comfort in a warm cocoon of companionship. There were also times when I picked up the book to read one or two sentences before going back to whatever I was doing and I had some brief moments of realization without expecting to.

You know the saying about whatever we see in others or the world is a reflection of what we are within? Ever since receiving this book, I begin to see how true it is. It is not a pretty sight especially when it’s about what I don’t like in others or the world. However, I haven’t once shied away from acknowledging the parts I played and my transgressions. Perhaps because I feel safe knowing that the book does not judge me. Perhaps because the calming energy that the book radiates helps me stay centred while all my inner monsters come out to sunbathe. Regardless the reasons, I know this is a vital step to take to becoming the Super Version of myself.

“Hard as it is to accept, all your challenges, including your external blocks, are actually problems that are rooted inside you and reflecting to you an issue that you have not yet acknowledged.

Once you are aware of this, that is when you can really decide how to act and respond. If you make the choice to address these inner issues, the outer situation will have less or hardly any effect on you.”

Lina Ramchand: Reflections

If you feel Reflections is a ‘meant to be’ for you or your loved ones, you can purchase this book at Amazon or contact Lina directly through her website Lightwaves-Therapies.

Want to find out what modalities Lina offers other than Sekhem? Let’s go to the About Lina page! I recommend highly to everyone to visit Lina’s Meditation page. When you scroll down, you will find a sample guided meditation à la Yoga-Nidra style. I have followed it a few times and it was so relaxing and rejuvenating.

Lina Ramchand Reflections
Having some dreamy time on the beach with Lina Ramchand’s Reflections.

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Lina Ramchand Reflections