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Barbara Becker’s Star Energy Healing Tele-Conference

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Barbara Becker and the Mathematical Star Language

Barbara Becker

Barbara Becker!*

Barbara Becker is a highly respected healing practitioner amongst her peers. I was fortunate to get to know her through her generous sharing of knowledge and experience at Quantum Healers Support Forum.  What amazes me most about Barbara is the huge amount of love, sincerity and compassion in her writings and that she treats everyone, even the newest practitioners, with equal respect and care.

I was intrigued by Barbara when I noticed the mention of the Mathematical Star Language. Yes, exactly! What is that?!

In her About Page, Barbara explains that the Mathematical Star Language is a light language from Source Creator. She is able to listen to it in her head, as it is playing constantly. She can allow it to come through her vocal cord in order that others can listen to it. From my understanding, the language carries healing vibration and people are able to receive the pure energy from God Source, in their body and energy fields without any interference from their analytical minds.

I made a wish to have the chance to listen to this Mathematical Star Language from Barbara. I wanted it NOW!!! But I also know that all forms of healing are sacred and the best outcome occurs at the most appropriate time. So I waited for guidance while making the same wish again and again every time I saw Barbara’s name.

Barbara Becker

Selfie with Barbara during her Live interview about her second book Time Travels.

Patience is not my strongest trait. What to do? I brought her first book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. I suspect that my impatience was a guidance in disguise because I actually received some sort of healing through reading the book. At the time, I felt a bit stuck, as if life had forgotten me and I was going nowhere. While reading about Barbara’s personal journey, I was enveloped in a bubble of infinite possibility. My brains were saying, ‘Look where she was and where she is now! You can do it too!’ All my other parts were feeling comforted in this beautiful cocoon.

Finally, the most appropriate time came! Well, that was what I thought when I noticed that Barbara offered her Star Energy Tele-Conference free of charge for the first time in seven years of monthly tele-conferences and public gatherings. After listening to the recording, I knew the timing couldn’t have been any better and I will tell you why in a moment.

What is a Star Energy Healing Tele-Conference like

According to the information given, the tele-conference begins with everyone greeting each other, followed by a brief introduction. I missed these parts because the event happened on the Greek Easter Sunday and I wanted to have some quality family time. Fortunately, the recording (minus the initial greeting and introduction) was sent to all who signed up for this tele-conference.

I settled myself in bed as I would for a nap to listen to the recording. Barbara guided everyone to a relaxed state by a custom Multidimensional Self guided visualization meditation. I relaxed easily into Barbara’s guidance and I didn’t try at all – everything happened easily as Barbara described. Barbara adapts her script according to the current world situation, cosmic challenges and participant energies. It was exactly what I didn’t know I was hoping for! I had been feeling the need to expand my consciousness and the visualization was exactly like that.

Without any notice, the quality of Barbara’s voice changed from confident to authoritative (in a good way) and there came the Mathematical Star Language! It sounded very foreign and to be honest, a bit strange at the beginning, as if I landed in a faraway land all of a sudden. After the initial moments of ‘what is this?’, I happily settled into the cascades of sounds which felt oddly reassuring. How I wish that the Mathematical Star Language bit could last longer so I could fall asleep!

From the moment the channeling of the Mathematical Star Language started, it was no longer really Barbara who was speaking, although it was through her voice. According to Barbara, it is her higher self who is known as The White One, which is a collection of beings from the Great Central Sun of 10,000 suns. After the channeling of the Mathematical Star Language, The White One continued using Barbara as the trance channel, to greet all of the participants in English, and gave a message. They then asked if anyone had questions or comments. Only those participants who wished to speak spoke and it wasn’t mandatory for anyone to share.

The whole recording lasted 1 hour and 2 minutes. The visualization, Mathematical Star Language and message lasted about 25 minutes. Towards the end of the event, Barbara came back as herself to bid farewell and told everyone to email her questions that were not asked due to the time constraint.

The Most Miraculous Timing

Ever since I accepted that coincidence really is a sign that we are well looked after by the divine, I often feel disbelief how miraculous everything is orchestrated. The thoughts, the wish, people we feel drawn to, the people we get to know or cross our path, are so beautifully intertwined in our journey, that create a network of supports.

Here is what happened:

Sunday night (Greek time) – Barbara gave the Star Energy Healing Tele-Conference.

Monday morning – I received the recording but didn’t listen to it. I wanted it so much and for so long that I developed high expectation and was worried that I would be disappointed!

Monday afternoon – While chatting with a friend, I decided to talk about Love for 30 days in video format as a way to practice making videos.

Tuesday – I completely chickened out of the video idea.

Wednesday morning – I had strong urge of listening to the tele-conference recording and so I did.

Wednesday afternoon – Made the first of a series of 30 videos which I titled ‘What is Love?

Question/Comment Segment

I almost stopped listening to the question/comment segment of the recording. I thought the channeling was the juicy bit while the other participants’ questions and comments did not concern me. Thankfully, I was by then too relaxed to move and my curiosity said ‘Let’s see what happens!’.

One of the participants asked if White One had a message for her. The message might as well be for me! The White One talked about healing the inner child and subsequently, encouraged everyone to make the videos or write the articles that they were thinking of creating, so as to flush the internet with good information.

It wasn’t so much of what was said that drove me to making videos; it was because, once again, I found myself bathing in that cocoon of infinite possibility. After listening to the recording, I thought, ‘Why not?’ and just like that, without giving much consideration or stressing out, I completed 30 videos in 35 days. During these 35 days, I listened to the tele-conference recording about 8 more times. Sometimes only the visualization and channeling bit, sometimes the whole recording. I felt the urge to listen to it when I felt stuck. I also dreamt up a few of the techniques I shared in these videos while drifting off in Barbara’s voice. AMAZING!

The rest of the questions and comments were all very interesting and educational. The White One is able to scan the body of the participant on the phone, look for any anomalies, and perform instant healing. According to Barbara, the collective of beings comprising The White One includes those in Spirit who have had lives as medical doctors, naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, surgeons, dentists, Chinese Medicine doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, etc. What I appreciated most was that The White One was able to give answers that were very easy to understand and the advice was solid and down to earth. Some more Mathematical Star Language came through during this segment, but I suspect that healing energy was present throughout to assist individual’s learning. At least this was how I felt.

Barbara’s Star Energy Healing Tele-conference is 22 US dollar for each participant. It is worth every dollar because one can benefit from the actual conference as well as from listening to the recording again and again. All participants can email Barbara a question or comment after the conference for The White One to answer, if they didn’t get a chance to ask during the live tele-conference. Although it is not a private healing session, at times I felt it was intimate and personal. You will probably feel the same.

Barbaras Monthly Newsletter

Barbara is very generous in sharing her knowledge and you can read up a lot of great information through her website. She has hundreds of inspirational blog articles and there are videos to watch.

Do sign up for her newsletter too. Recently, I received healing from The White One while reading one of their special messages regarding the current state of world affairs. I was happy to have felt it before reading the last paragraph of the channeled message that said, ‘As you read these words, we have encoded a healing for you. It will permeate all the cells in your body, and all the energy within your chakras and fields. God Bless you indeed!’

Later that day I felt the urge to read the message again. This time I read it in bed and after that, a full-on healing happened for about half an hour and after that I drifted off to a deep sleep. Because of this amazing (and free!) experience, I highly recommend signing up for Barbara’s monthly newsletter.

Here you will find Barbara Becker narrating her book Time Travels: Exploration of Lives Remembered:

*Image permitted to use by Barbara Becker. 

**I do not receive any material rewards from writing this or any other articles on my blog. The only reward I get is the joy of recommending great people and their services.