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Brain Gym® – 4 simple steps to help you stay focused

Sipping water throughout the day is essential to keep our bodies in optimal energy level.

Sipping water throughout the day is essential to keep our bodies in optimal energy level.

Do you sometimes feel there’s so much noise around you, or inside your mind, that you can’t focus? Do you feel lack of energy often even when you had plenty of sleep? Would you like to learn some simple steps that would help you feel better?

These 4 simple steps are taken from Brain Gym® 101 course. Whenever appropriate, I like to show people some or all of these steps and ask them to do it together. Always, they told me they felt ‘nicer’ – some said they felt more calm and peaceful; some said they felt more alert and awake. In order to show even more people these simple activities, I made my first video!

When can you do these activities? Any time! I like to do all 4 steps first thing in the morning to start my day, so both my brain and my body can wake up, while keeping myself in a peaceful state. I might also do all or some of the steps throughout the day, whenever I feel I’m getting tired, or when I feel stressed.

All the steps in the video are useful in their own ways so you could just do one or two whenever you like. For example, when we need to work in front of the computer for a long period, it’s always good to clear our minds by massaging the ‘brain buttons’ while moving our eyes from side to side. We could also get up and do the exaggerated walking steps to keep our bodies active. After all, our bodies are not designed to stay in one position for long time. The ‘Hook-ups’ are particularly useful when we want to feel more peaceful and free from the outside stress.

These 4 steps can be done within 5 minutes. You could do these for longer too if you like; It’s especially calming to stay in the ‘hook-ups’ while listening to soothing music.

The video now has English, Greek and Chinese subtitles. Do share with your friends and family!

Let’s do it!