Hello! I’m Stephanie.

I’m your cleaner, not healer!

Posted by on Sep 11, 2015 in Healing Methods
Healer vs. Cleaner

A while ago I received an email from a client titled “Energy Healer”.

I thought she had gone to an Energy Healer and wanted to tell me about her experience. I’m always fascinated as to what other methods are out there.

To my surprise, it was an email for her friend that she cc-ed me, in which she recommended my service to her friend.

The next time I saw this client, I asked, ‘Is that Energy Healer supposed to be me?’


‘Why did you call me that?’

‘That’s what my friend called you when she introduced you to me. Is it not what you’re called?’

‘Mmmmm… I feel more like a Cleaner!’

I’m not trying to be humble here. Just being precise.

Our bodies are such miraculous machines

Have you ever thought about what immaculate design our bodies are? Our eyes can zoom in and out, adjust to different light settings, much faster than even the latest camera. The heart that is working 24 hours a day, pumping blood via tiny yet strong blood vessels throughout the whole body. The respiratory systems that can automatically differentiate types of gas and transport it to the correct destination, The skeletal frame/muscles etc. that allow movements no robots can copy. The miracle list goes on and on. With an intricate design like this, couldn’t it sort itself out whenever gems and stuff try to attack the body?

Potentially, yes. There is a State of the Art Healing System in our bodies. It works all hours but does most of the work while we sleep. Our bodies are able to heal and restore themselves.

Then why do we get sick? Why don’t we feel good all the time?

Our bodies have too much work and not enough time! Some of the work/stress our bodies have to deal with: environmental stress such as air pollution; poor diet due to chemicals in food or an imbalanced diet; not consuming enough water; emotional stress such as worries regarding work performance and finances, broken hearts; poor posture from sitting long hours etc. Not enough sleep = not enough quality healing time.

What would happen when you have too much work to do? We either have more and more to do list that mount up on the desk, or we do a very rush job ignoring the quality.

Stressed and tired. Self-Healing System kaput. Symptoms may start appearing.

What I do is simply to clean up some yucky stuff that are stored up in the body energetically, smooth out the energy path ways; much like taking out virus in computers and re-programme Your Self-Healing System to the way You want it and off you go. Plenty of rest and water, and wait for your body to sort itself out with the now upgraded Self-Healing System.

Therefore, you are the Healer for you. Not me. I’m the Cleaner.

Hatred, denial, in-security, self doubt….started to eliminated from my life, I joked with Stephanie once: “I feel like you are cleaning my messy closet in each session. ” In more precise words, Stephanie cleared the years long dust on the window of my heart, I can see the true wellness from myself more clearly after each session.

Make an appointment today to re-discover the healer in you.