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Human Design Reading with Shivrael Luminance River

Posted by on Sep 10, 2020 in Healing Methods, My Magical World

Recently I had a strong urge to listen to my Human Design reading recording. It’s been nearly 2 years since Shivrael Luminance River blew my mind with the accuracy of Human Design and her mind-reading power. She helped me to accept myself in a way that none other healing modalities had achieved.

The mind often finds it easier to learn new concept through comparing to what it already knows. When I first heard about Human Design, I thought, ‘Really? Another kind of reading? Can’t be any different from Horoscope or the Chinese Mystic Studies (AKA fortune telling in the western world)? I resisted taking in another discipline for a bit until my curiosity lead me to doing some searches.

From the moment I received my free Human Design chart from Jovian Archive and read up the general description regarding my type (Manifestor), my world fell into place in a big way. Recurring theme throughout my growing up years, even during my adulthood, suddenly made complete sense. I used to think that it was all my fault, picking on myself time after time while changing myself into what I wasn’t for an easier life. What I achieved was to shrink myself inside thick protective walls and not able to actualize my full potential that I was designed for.

What is Human Design and Why

I fully recognized the importance of Human Design when one day I complained to my husband about our 4-wheel drive. I thought there must be something wrong with it because on a well-paved winding road, our car sailed less steadily than the most economical car that we rented previously. My husband who knew a lot more about cars than I did explained that it was due to some suspension thingy that made a 4-wheel drive able to navigate off-road.

I didn’t entirely understand what my husband was saying but the underlying message came loud and clear: don’t go complaining about the car without understanding its design!

Agios Pavlos
Embracing my design and Buggy our 4-wheel-drive’s suspension thingy! Photo by PhotoMan Konstantinos Anastasakis

Do people who travel on bicycles complain that the bicycles don’t move themselves? No! They enjoy not having to pay for petrol cost and being able to exercise while commuting. Do F1 drivers complain that their seats are too low for them to enjoy the scenery like if they were on an open-top sight-seeing bus? Do 18-wheeler truck drivers complain that the trucks can’t travel much faster? They might do, but if they attempt to go any faster than what an 18-wheeler is designed for, they run the risk of damaging the tires as well as having an accident.

Much like how vehicles are built for their specific functions, people are designed to fulfill their life purposes that their true selves aspire to. The main difference is that we weren’t born with a user-manual and people definitely cannot be judged by their covers. For example, not everyone who is tall wants to or can excel in basketball; not everyone who enjoys cooking can thrive in a commercial kitchen.  

I like how Human Design is explained in the Jovian Archives website:

Imagine being given a “user manual” for your life.

How would this user manual help you? The manual would guide you on how to navigate life perfectly aligned with who you are. Detailing your talents, skills, and potential it would give you a map for actualizing these. It would help you understand how you are designed to engage with the world and show you where you are susceptible to your environment’s influence and conditioning. The manual reveals how your inner guidance system operates and provides you with practical techniques for making decisions that can greatly enhance your experience of life.

Sounds too good to be true? After a Human Design reading with Shivrael, I can confidently tell you that the above is an accurate description of Human Design and there’s no exaggeration.

What is a Human Design reading like?

After finalizing the appointment detail via email, Shivrael asked me for my birth data which includes the date, time and location. She sent me my Human Design chart with a brief outline for my type and specific chart. I couldn’t make any sense from the chart when I previously received it from Jovian Archive and so I let it be and patiently waited for our appointment.

Here’s my Human Design chart:

Human Design

I doubt that anyone could make sense of a Human Design chart without having studied it or receiving some guidance! Shivrael did explain what those shapes, colours, numbers and symbols mean as she went through the chart with me but I wouldn’t even attempt to explain it to anyone. It’s definitely okay to not understand the chart though because this was exactly why I enlisted Shivrael’s assistance.

The reading with Shivrael was done via Zoom online platform and lasted just over one hour. The whole session was audio recorded for me to keep and I’m very grateful for the recording because there was so much information within this hour that my head was closed to exploding. I don’t know if the audio recording is a common practice amongst all Human Design guides and I recommend that you ask before finalizing your appointment. 

Throughout the appointment, Shivrael deciphered the chart for me, guided me with strategies and practical solutions and provided me with reassurance. From time to time she asked me if I had any questions. I did have many questions especially regarding the symbols and numbers. Basically my mind jumped here and there, trying to understand it all instantly! Shivrael did answer all of my questions patiently but when I noticed that I was making it more complicated for myself, I only asked the questions which were relevant for me to get to know my specific design in plain language.

Shivrael also paused every now and then to see if I could relate to the information she just described. I gave her honest answers every time and sometimes I told her what I thought was relevant and asked her if I had understood her correctly. I like to be open and make no reservation during a reading like this because I found that my reader/guide often can provide me even more useful information in this way.

I have heard from friends who would choose to withhold information so as to test that the readers/guides are accurate. I think when we go into the appointment with this attitude, we can have quite a frustrating experience ourselves while the readers/guides are probably used to all sorts of clients and would deliver the readings as they normally would.

Snippets of how the reading helps me

From the chart, Shivrael saw that I had low energy level which I knew to be true. I am physically healthy and yet I don’t seem to have as much energy as most people in my life. Prior to the reading, I had tried varies ways to enhance my energy level while wondering if I had some illness unbeknown to me. Post reading, I continue to apply what helps me with my energy level. The difference is that I no longer worry or dismiss my body. This is an example how Shivrael has helped me to accept myself.

Shivrael pointed out the emotional waves I experience from time to time and said that it was a very challenging trait to have. Again, I knew what she meant because I recognized it since my teenage years and no matter how hard I try, I cannot avoid having sudden waves of deep depression or anger. Instead, I figured out that I could shorten my Emotional Recovery Time. Shivrael congratulated me on being able to use my design to my advantage. She also gave me some tips to deal with these emotional waves but the most important part for me was her reassurance that there wasn’t anything wrong with me and I immediately became at ease with myself.

Some of the tips Shivrael gave me were peculiar but since the reading, I have verified that they actually worked. For example, she suggested that I take my laptop to work at a café because I didn’t have certain element in my being and if someone in the café had that, that person’s aura could help me with my energy level. That doesn’t mean I would become an energy vampire though! Shivrael explained that Human Design was about all the types of people working together and how we can have an effect on one another just by being ourselves.

Another tip that I thought sounded odd was when she suggested that, due to the emotional waves, it was best to take 2.5 days to make an important decision because ‘in astrology they say, 2.5 days is how long for the moon and the sun go to the other side’. I include these examples here to demonstrate that Shivarel didn’t just go like ‘let’s think about how to help you!’. She knew.

Shivrael seemed to be able to tap into my field and offered tips that uniquely apply to me. For example, she said she saw me as someone who always had a notebook ready to write down inspirations. That was true for when I was in university but I had abandoned pen and papers since having a laptop. Her passing statement unearthed my yearning for a notebook! I have started using a notebook since then and my thoughts have become a lot more organized thus enhancing whatever projects I’m pursuing.


Life’s challenges didn’t automatically go away after obtaining the user manual of my design though. The understanding and realization through Shivrael’s assistance definitely helped me to accepting and loving myself more but some of the practical solutions offered by Shivrael do take practice. For example, as a Manifestor, I have a repelling aura and people especially authority figures can feel threatened by me. In order to counter this, I need to inform e.g. my intention. Currently I still need to remind myself to inform and to figure out the best way in each situation.

So far, I have listened to the audio recording three times. Each time, I gained more clarity about my design and I have new understanding regarding some of the information. I know I will definitely listen to the recording a few more times and continue to practise living in accordance what is best for my design.

On the whole, even though the Human Design chart looked all gibberish to me, I received many practical and solid ideas that help me overcome the challenges that I encounter in daily life due to my design, as well as much reassurance that there isn’t anything wrong with me. Instead of rejecting the parts of me that I considered defective, I appreciate how my unique design has helped me to learn and grow.

Hail to Shivrael Luminance River!

Human Design
Shivrael Luminance River (Shannon Brophy) and Mount Shasta. Photo Courtesy of Shivrael.

Shivrael’s birth name is Shannon Brophy. She was gifted this majestic name by her spirit guides when she first arrived at Mount Shasta. Shivrael now resides permanently at Mount Shasta which is a sacred site that attracts many visitors. There is a beautifully written travel guide to Mount Shasta on her website and she organizes retreats at Mount Shasta.

Other than Human Design reading, Shivrael offers other services such as Akashic Record Reading and Thai Massage. She has been working as a natural healing practitioner for over 30 years. Do check out her blog where she writes about energy updates and other insightful topics. What I enjoy most about reading her articles is that there is an out-of-this-world uniqueness about them and I often find myself influenced in a positive way by her elegant essence.

Shivrael also audio records some of her articles and you can find the playlist here. Some of the video titles contain a date but I have found the information from videos dated several years back are still relevant to now. Although these are not guided meditations, I have had realizations and received lights and healing energy through the videos. For example, the 2-minutes video below seemed to have touched some burdens that I had buried deep within. A river of luminous divine light washed over me and I had to rest for a while to receive this unexpected healing.

‘Healing Template for Release of Guilt’ by Luminance River Shivrael

*I do not receive any material rewards from writing this or any other articles on my blog. The only reward I get is the joy of recommending great people and their services.

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