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Malka Ahern’s Quantum Health: The Divine Reveal

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When I heard Malka Ahern was bringing through a Quantum Health method The Divine Reveal (TDR) and seeking research subjects, I was over the moon and stars because it had been my secret wish to have a QHHT session with Malka. I know Malka through Quantum Healers Support Forum. I enjoy reading her posts, the way she writes and thinks. When she started organizing Support Group for various topics for the forum, I attended a few and I like the way she spoke and I always wanted to know her insights on whatever subject we were on. Alas, Malka doesn’t talk much! I guess that’s why she is such a great practitioner: she would listen without judgement and when she does speak, it is always spot on. Okay, there were a few times I thought it wasn’t spot on, but only later realized that my mind needed time to absorb her wisdom!

The Divine Reveal

Let Your Divine Self be Revealed!

My first impression with The Divine Reveal method was that it was another consciousness exploration type method. It is and it is not. What is, is that it involves the clients lying down comfortably and Malka uses her voice to guide the clients to different imagery in order to access information. Instead of taking the clients to past lives or other possible scenes like other methods that I’m familiar with, she guides her clients to get to a state where they can experience their divine spark in conjunction with Source and bring back the growth, wisdom and knowing attained there. Okay, maybe this is not making sense so let me start again –

Malka was inspired by Anita Moorjani’s book Dying To Be Me in which Anita recounted the story of how she had a natural remission from serious cancer that was eating her away for 4 years. She slipped into a coma but instead of dying, which was what the medical staff believed was happening, she went to a state of being where she realized her magnificent self, that she had the power of healing herself. She found herself being able to choose to go to the afterlife which by then she knew was a lovely place, but she chose to come back to life because she knew she would be well again and even the cancer treatment which she knew to be harmful would not be able to harm her anymore. She recovered completely within 3 weeks and there were medical reports as proof. Doctors started contacting her, wanting to find out how she managed to save herself.

Still not sure what I’m talking about? Get the book and read it! It’s a good read, I promise you. In fact, when anyone signs up for The Divine Reveal Package, it is a requirement for them to read Dying To Be Me and attend 2 book discussion groups. I wasn’t so keen to read it but of course I did and greatly enjoyed it. Anita doesn’t write like ‘you shall do this and that’. She tells things as it is and is very honest about her life story. I find inspirations from her story and love the fact that when she had that remission, she was just a normal person like the rest of us, and not some health guru. If she can do it, there is a good chance for everyone!

Achieving Quantum Health through taking Time and Commitment

I asked Malka what was the most successful case regarding physical healing so far and she said one of her clients who was suffering from multiple sclerosis had a natural remission to the point where she even regained her memory. It didn’t happen like magic. It happened gradually and this client have had two TDR sessions, some coaching sessions and attended weekly support group. This is exciting news especially because Malka is still currently fine-tuning her method.

The most special aspect about The Divine Reveal is that when one signs up, they are signing up to a package which includes two TDR sessions, 4 coaching sessions, 3 months of weekly support groups and 3 months of support forum subscription. I greatly appreciate Malka’s approach: to achieve perfect health on all levels, it takes time, dedication, commitment and all the support we can get from like-minded people. There is no time limit for redeeming the full TDR package because everyone needs to following their own pace.

Strategic Intervention Coaching

Since Malka accepted me as one of her research subjects, I finally got to know what coaching sessions and support groups are like. To be honest, I was quite allergic to the idea of both of these things. My first impression of coaching was from TV programs in which the coach would take clients to do some dangerous activities and tell them ‘You can do it!’ and then the clients would have magically conquered all their fear by the end of the episodes. As if!

This is not the way Malka conducts coaching sessions though. In fact, it was just talking but perhaps because the intention was there, and because Malka was able to see the cores of issues, I left each coaching session with new perspectives and feeling much lighter. By the way, Malka is a very experienced Strategic Intervention Coach.

TDR Support Groups

As for support groups, initially, I attended only because it was required and I was curious anyway. Now, it is something I would not like to do without! I used to think that support groups of this type were for people who are falling apart but how wrong I was! The people I met through Malka’s support group so far, all carry on with their daily lives regardless what their struggles are, and they would often share their new learning and their progress in whatever kind of healing they are seeking. Even though every week there might be different people joining the group, there is something in common with all of them – everyone is so warm and supportive! And of course, Malka and Violeta Stoica, who is often there to lead the group, make sure that the conversation flows in a positive way.

The support group helps me in a way that previous healing sessions of any kind didn’t. I enjoy listening to members giving constructive suggestions to each other and I often try out those tips for myself. We might come with different kind of struggles – from traumatic experience, abuse, to serious health issues – we are basically learning the same big lesson which is to understand that we are infinite. I just love learning from real people! The most profound healing through this group for me was that after listening to one member talking about her traumatic experience several times, I remembered my similar experience which I locked away for over 20 years. Luckily, by then, I got to know the group members well and was able to tell them about it. Through their loving support, I’m now comfortable with what happened. After all, bad things do happen and I’m so grateful to have these compassionate people show me that the world is actually a great place to be.

I asked Malka if she would have non-TDR clients join her support group. She said no because there needs to be a common thread which is the TDR sessions. However, she said if there is a demand, she would consider opening new groups to accommodate non-TDR people.

50% Off Special Offer!

If you are interested to find out more about Quantum Health: The Divine Reveal, head over to Malka’s TDR site and sign up for the introduction with live Q&A to see if is it right for you. Right now, after attending the initial TDR introductory session and Dying to Be Me book discussion group which are both free, there is a 50% off discount for the TDR package, until further notice. I’m not going to talk prices here but since I know how much these types of sessions cost, I can assure you that even at full price, it is very affordable considering how much is included and that it is from such high calibre practitioner such as Malka Ahern.

Last but not least, all sessions and support groups are conducted online so no matter where you are, you can access these at the comfort of your home.

The following is a video in which Anita Moorjani (author of the book Dying to Be Me) joined one of Malka’s TDR support group to answer everyone’s questions. Malka updates her YouTube channel often and she posts new helpful information on the support forum from time to time for her clients’ home studies.

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