Hello! I’m Stephanie.
What is Kinesiology

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Kinesiology (also known as human kinetics) allows the practitioners to ‘read’ the muscles and determine where energy imbalances and energy drains exist and what in particular is putting this stress on your systems. It’s a holistic therapy that uses the body to identify energy system blocks and then allow healing of every aspect of health – the physical, psychological, emotional, nutritional and spiritual.

After we have identified where the imbalances are, we would use varies ‘fixes’ such as massaging/touching certain acupressure points. Sometimes we use sound for balancing the energy flow too and it’s fun! Usually I would ask the clients to do these ‘fixes’ themselves. Not that I’m too lazy to do it for you; it’s so that once you’ve done it, you will remember which points are beneficial for you and you can do these for yourself whenever you like. I am trained in Touch for Health Kinesiology and the founder, Dr. John Thie was passionate about educating the public on looking after their well beings. 

Kinesiology is suitable even for those feeling ‘well’ and regular appointments can help identify any imbalances before symptoms occur. it is non-invasive and drug-free.

“Kinesiology is quite strange. Stephanie asked me to hold out both my arms and not resist. She then pressed down on them. One kept it’s position and seemed strong. The other moved several inches under her pressure. As far as I was concerned, I was using the same strength to keep them up but one was obviously much less resilient. This was the same for other parts of my body that she tested too.”

I love Kinesiology and am still learning more from different branches. However my preferred method is Sekhem Healing so unless you specify that it’s a Kineioslogy treatment that you would like, I usually would use Sekhem as the main tool of an energy session.

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