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QHHT Level 2 in Barcelona – a wonderful journey of peace and gratitude

Sunrise at Castelldefels seashore

Sunrise at Castelldefels seashore

I had the pleasure of attending QHHT level 2 course in Barcelona. The course was held in a hotel in Castelldefels which is a small town by the coast outside Barcelona. It is a pleasant and peaceful town and I enjoyed my daily walk from where I stayed to the class along the beach which is about 5 kilometres long. The walk was about 40 minutes and it was like a meditation because it was so peaceful with the sound of the ocean and the gentle cushioning of the shore.

The course was taught by Julia Cannon with Dolores Cannon’s videos. It was a great pleasure to meet Julia, a strong minded individual much like the Dolores Cannon that I envision in my mind.

The course was conducted in English and we had a Spanish translator who is an experienced QHHT practitioner who helped organizing the course. I was a bit worried as to how to communicate with my classmates who were mostly Spanish who speak very little English. But my worry was unfounded – the warmth they gave me was much more than any spoken language. Each day we kissed and hugged each other hello and goodbye and we had fun trying to communicate with each other.

The best thing about attending courses such as this is to meet people from around the world who have similar interest and to share our experiences and skills with one another. I was honoured to conduct healing with some of my classmates as well and they give me so much love in return. Because they are used to energy work, they are able to acknowledge the healing and messages that were given and this is a big boost for my confidence with my work. My heartfelt gratitude to all. You are all vital to me in my journey of healing. Without you, it would be like a long cold winter without a warm duvet!

During the course, our Spanish translator conducted a group regression for us. Before we started we all asked a question silently so that our subconscious can choose a life for each of us to see so as to best answer our questions. I asked one question but I went to two different lifetimes and it was because throughout this trip there was a big question mark around my head, why I love this place Castelldefels so much?

Before going into what I saw in that life, I want to explain to you how much I wanted to visit this country. Before I ever set foot in Europe, I had always wanted to visit Spain. When I was planning for my first backpacking trip to Europe in my uni days, I said to my travel companion that I just wanted to visit Spain without able to give any reasons. I knew nothing about Spain at that time and yet I wanted to go so much. I did go and Barcelona is still one of my favourite cities.

In this life that answered my big question mark, I was traveling from Italy to America on a ship. There was a storm and I experienced seasickness while in reality I was sitting on a comfortable chair in this hotel conference room. Next thing I know the ocean carried me to the shore of Castelldefels. My husband in that life found me lying on the beach that I love so much and he married me shortly after that. I had the most beautiful simple life. Main reason was that I felt immense gratitude towards the ocean for bringing me to this chapter of my life. I went to the shore to thank the ocean often and felt much joy and peace connecting with the nature. I didn’t have much in material in that life but what I had was contentment. I can feel this nice feeling even now. Such is one of the main benefits of having past life regression, to connect with this kind of joyful feeling that we had in the past and bring it forward to this life and we can even magnify the feeling so as to push out any yucky feeling we might have anytime. All it takes is to close our eyes and remember the scene and just that quickly, we are once again transported to that moment of joy and then we can return to doing whatever we’re doing feeling refreshed. It is as simple as it sounds.

The lesson of this life is to thank and bless the ocean and the land often for giving us what we need. Gratitude is a very important feeling to have. Without it, no matter what we have, we cannot be satisfied. Another message from this life is that at times things can seem really bad, like drowning in the ocean, but it is just a phrase, the journey to the very good things. Have you ever experienced something like this, to go to the very bottom before going to the top of the world? I would love to hear about your experiences!

I had two free days after the course so I looked up ‘what to do in Barcelona’ on the internet. There are a million things you could do but I just wanted to visit Montserrat, a mountain where there is a monastery. One day during the break I asked a Spanish classmate who happened to be standing next to me about the best way to travel there. She said if I were to go on Sunday, she would take me there in her car. I was very surprised at her offer because up to that point, we had only hello-ed each other due to language barrier.

In the life that I saw, this classmate was my cousin-in-law. She had a sorrowful life then and sometimes we went to Montserrat together because that was the only place in which she could find peace. She and her husband did take me and another classmate to Montserrat and we had a really lovely time. They even treated us for lunch and I had a seafood fideua which is like a paella but with noodles instead of rice. I really wanted to have this dish but was worried about how much it would cost. Julia Cannon suggested this affirmation ‘I can easily afford a paella’ and my wish did come true. I’m so going to use this affirmation for everything I want and I hope you do too. When we change our way of thinking, miracles can start happening in our daily life and we must remember to have gratitude for the people who help deliver these miracles.

On my departure day I went to the beach once again to breath in the ocean air and to record the sound of the healing waves. Before I left I played a little game in my head and I asked the sea to come towards me if it could hear me. Not five seconds later the waves suddenly became huge and rushed towards me. I had to run so as not to get wet!

Julia Cannon and my classmates

Julia Cannon and my classmates photo by Gabriel Gordo Gaviria

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  1. Nicole Espinosa
    7 January, 2018

    Stephanie, what an absolutely beautiful post, and insightful explanation of how past life regression can provide great answers. I so loved hearing about the beauty and love shared between all the classmates even with a language barrier. Love and healing is a common language. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience of releasing the fear of drowning in a past life.