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From Ego to Attachment Paranoia to Purple-Man

Recently I had a consciousness exploration type session and my ego came out to speak. Anyone who knows me well would know that my ego sounded exactly like me when I am being playful. My new practitioner friend, alas, didn’t know that side of me and thought that it was a charming (thanks!)  entity attachment and urged me to get a second opinion.

I was having a paranoia moment when my friend Linh who sometimes acts as my Earth Angel contacted me. We chatted a bit on messenger via text and I asked her to check if I have any entity attachment. Linh is a very experienced Sekhem Healer and right away, she started scanning and sieving me. The top of my head was suddenly very heavy as if 10 kg of energy materialized on my head but was taking its time to go through me. I felt stuff happening here and there on my body and I became so relaxed.

Linh said she finished scanning and didn’t find anything. I told her I knew there wasn’t, but I was a bit paranoid because of what was said. But then she hadn’t finished –

‘I have this niggling thing to tell you……’


‘The back of your right shoulder blades. If I told you old stump. How does that feel?’

How I felt was that I didn’t know the word ‘stump’……

Linh said I had roots of what used to be my wings. Hm…… Many things have wings…… I wanted it to be angel but I thought maybe a bird? Dragon?  I saw this tiny little man in my mind’s eye. It was tiny like a Lego Man 10 meters away but as soon as Linh told me her story, I knew it was the same as hers.

Last year Linh had a body type treatment called Zen Body Therapy. During it, she felt a colourful fleshy devil (and she placed a purple devil emoji here) pushed itself out of what felt like an old wing stump on her right shoulder blade. She cried and cried after. The therapist didn’t see it but sensed it was a very deep-seated thing that surfaced. She said the being had huge presence, very mighty and giant like, but she didn’t feel it was awful, like what people would associate with devils. It was a bizarre experience and she didn’t want to say but it kept niggling.

I told her I totally believed her and that I have pain on my shoulder blade sometimes during breathing exercise and I asked if that meant something needed to come out from there.

‘You are I. I am you.’

Linh talks in a cryptic manner sometimes as if she is the Grandmother of a lost tribe, although in real life, she is in the fashion trade.

I asked her how she felt about it and she joked that maybe she was a fallen angel finding her way back. We discussed some more and agreed that we probably had the old stumps there as a clue for us to understand ourselves. I’m so glad that she told me about it – it must have been hard for her when she found out by chance like that. Most people would have some sort of negative opinion about devils. In truth, I don’t. Through releasing entity attachments for clients, I understand that devils are just other dimensional beings. We can’t say all humans are bad because murderers exist. Same goes for other kinds of beings. Also, bad and good really depends on our perspectives. When we can view things from a higher viewpoint, maybe there is never any good or bad, just consequences and experiences.

Linh suggested that I have some sort of body work done like a lymphatic drainage massage to compliment all the esoteric sessions that I had.

‘You know, like the body is the 3D stuff.’

I said to Linh I would now refer to that being as Purple-Man because of the purple emoji. The name ‘devil’ contains so much prejudice.


Cinematic Virtual Lecture from the Purple-Man

That evening after our conversation, I lied in bed getting ready to fall asleep by focusing on my breathing. After a while, when I was deeply relaxed, I felt my shoulder blades rather active, as if every cell there was lit up by light kind of active. I felt a giant pair of wings grew out from there, and my body became the Purple Man. The feeling was so peaceful, as if there was no weight. It was the ultimate peace. Now it seems funny to think that ‘devils’ are of lower vibrations. It seems to be on the contrary.

I felt Purple-Man’s body while kind of seeing it too as though I was aware and this awareness translated into vision. I usually see in black and white but this time I saw the being as purple. I guess it was because of the name Purple-Man. He was in complete silence and he would wait till I understood what was happening before showing me the next bit. The next bit was that it got out of my body, so now I’m watching him do stuff while my body still felt light and peaceful. As if we were one.

Purple-Man flew and guess where he landed? The Notre-Dame of Paris! He flew to the top of the cathedral building and squatted down as if he was enjoying the view. Oh! Gargoyle!

As soon as I understood he represented a gargoyle there, he descended straight down into the inside of the church, only that it wasn’t the Notre-Dame anymore. It was the interior of an orthodox church. I know because it was full of icons of saints. The Purple-Man walked up to the icon of Arch Angel Michael and he walked into the icon itself……!? Oh, no! He pretended to be AA Michael! No, wait…… Oh…… they are the same being??? Oh…… like twin flame!? Whatever twin flame means.

I knew I kind of had it right. I mean, I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but I had an understanding because there was some sort of telepathy going on. How I wish I could telepathy you too instead of struggling to find the words!

There was some animation going on as if to explain to me what happened. I was looking at the Source. It had to split itself, only that ‘split’ is not a good word choice because here, it’s like 1 + 1 = 1, and so there was ‘darkness’ or the void. Purple-Man was showing me that in order for lifeforms as we know to exist, there must be some kind of weight. Otherwise, everything would still be as one, as the Source, and there would never be so many planets, dimensions, people, animals or anything at all. I saw Purple-Man pulling down the planet, like he was weighing down a hot-air balloon to help it land. People want to have New Earth coming but then things happen in appropriate time and before then, Purple-Man and beings like him are helping the Earth and all things to anchor to the 3D world.

Linh thought I might have to deal with some separation angst. I agreed with her as it was one of the subjects I was looking into. But then I realized what I had to deal with was the feeling of being misunderstood.

There is no good, or bad. Or, bad is good, good is bad and bad is good and good is bad.

I’m reluctant to tell this story. How would you feel if you were told that you had a past life/parallel existence as a devil? I’m scared to be misunderstood. As a matter of fact, the feeling of being misunderstood has been like a background noise for me for as long as I could remember. Time to let that go now. I’m the only one who thinks in my head anyway.


  1. Nicole Espinosa
    18 May, 2019

    Stephanie Angel,

    I so love how you stress the important point that there is no such thing as the labels “good” or “bad.” They are just experiences. And, we have played both sides. We have all been the perpetrators and the “devils.” To understand this beautiful world of duality that we’ve created. Thank you for sharing your fun story in such a colorful and entertaining and fun way. Love you so.

    • Stephanie
      1 June, 2019

      Thank you, Nicole. I love you.

  2. Yumiko
    17 August, 2019

    I love it!
    This resonates with me so much. Yes, devils are so misunderstood by us all but we need that anchor to live in 3D. Some people in the old days seemed to have had a hard time with this split into the physical form and had to judge it and put it down as something bad like ‘devil’. We are all devils in our individual singular physical form on this earth with a heart of an angel. We are now healing the split of angel and devil and integrating the two back into one, as you did in this session.
    This is so wonderful.
    I love you, my angel and devil in one.

    • The Loving Energy
      19 August, 2019

      I love you too Yumiko