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The Loving Energy Newsletter Dragon Issue #1

Posted by on May 29, 2024 in Newsletter

Audio version available by clicking the button below

Audio version available by clicking the button below

1. Hello Dragon!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to The Loving Energy Newsletter Dragon Issue #1! Today we have entered the auspicious year of the Dragon! I wish you 龍馬精神Dragon Horse Essence God, 行運一條龍Walk Luck One Streak Dragon. Essence of God makes Spirit, 龍馬精神Dragon Horse Essence God means having spirit strong and powerful like dragons and horses. 行運一條龍Walk Luck One Streak Dragon means having luck constantly like how a dragon is powerful and long.

Something is not making sense to you, is it? What do I mean a dragon is powerful and long? How does a dragon look like for you? With wings like a pterosaur? You see, for Chinese people, there is only one kind of dragons, and they are long, with 4 legs and no wings, like a giant snake with legs that can fly without wings.

When my Chinese friend and I visited Krakow, Poland, we were mighty excited when the walking tour guide said we were about to see the statue of the famous dragon Wawel. Chinese people address ourselves as descendants of Dragons and we were happy to know that our favourite creature had made it to Poland.

Soon, however, we were confused, and angry, when the tour guide told the story of how Dragon Wawel destroyed people’s properties and lives. How can that be? Growing up, we accepted dragons as the most positive creature that have ever existed without questions. They are kind and do only good things. Were we wrong? Or was this Dragon Wawel wrongfully accused?

And then the tour guide announced that we had arrived at the statue of Dragon Wawel. Where? My friend and I kept looking around but there was no dragon. The tour guide looked at us funny and said, right here! He pointed at a statue of a strange beast. Yes, a strange beast. One that looked like a pterosaur, or a dinosaur with wings.

Wait a minute… the tour guide said the Dragon Wawel story was famous and he was surprised that we didn’t know of it. I was surprised too because I read many European fairytales in my growing up years. I searched my brains but I couldn’t remember any stories about dragons. And then I understood – the Chinese translators referred these creatures as strange beasts because in those tales, these creatures were portrayed as the baddies and it would be confusing to Chinese people, especially children, to refer them as dragons.

Now that you know what Chinese people think a dragon looks like, does the phrase 行運一條龍Walk Luck One Streak Dragon make more sense to you?

In any case, I wish you 龍馬精神Dragon Horse Essence God行運一條龍Walk Luck One Streak Dragon, always!


Stephanie 石 The Loving Energy

*if you feel connected to Dragons in a spiritual plane, or want to have discussions about dragons, Virginie Lafon’s Contact with Dragons Facebook Group might be what you are looking for.

In this video, Virginie Lafon talks about how she got into researching the subject of dragons and she shares with us many fascinating things about dragons.

2. Beyond Quantum Healing – What are your lessons?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a hypnosis method, created by the late Dolores Cannon, which can allow access to the clients’ higher-self and past-lives or other types of consciousness explorations. It involves guided visualization that induces a deep trance which is experienced every day by us – at the moments at which we become consciously awake and the moment just before we fall asleep.

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), founded by Candace Craw-Goldman, one of Dolores’ most trusted assistant, is an ever-evolving variation of QHHT. It allows the practitioners to use all their skills and learning, both from the method itself and through their own sturdies, to adjust to clients’ individual needs and comfort level. It can be both facilitated in person or online.

During this moon cycle (from now till the 9th of March, 2024), I’m offering BQH online sessions on a ‘pay what you want’ basis.

A BQH journey with me starts with a BQH – Let’s Chat! Session in which you can ask all the questions about BQH that you have so that you can find out if this is the right method for you. Apart from answering your questions, I will also start getting to know you, the reasons you want to have a BQH session and what you want to achieve through it. A BQH – Let’s Chat! Session is always free and you can make an appointment through here.

In the week leading up to one of my own Beyond Quantum Healing sessions as a client, I felt the presence of a dragon near me. Am I imaging it? Am I going to view a life as a dragon? Oooh~~ I was mighty excited!

I was right. I did see a life as a dragon but I wasn’t so chirpy afterwards. Let me tell you what happened.

The dragon appeared right from the beginning and he talked through me. He had a long iridescent body that was the colour of mulberry. While connected with the dragon, I could feel his openness and frankness. Innocence. I expected to feel powerful but the most prominent quality I connected with was his innocence.

He was jokey and charming but his story was anything but. Long story short, He was kidnapped by ‘the other kind’ when he was still in the egg. By ‘the other kind’, he meant the type of dragon whom Chinese people considered strange beast. A gang of ‘the other kind’ from ‘another world’ came through a portal, attacked and distracted my past character’s parents, stole the egg and escaped through the portal. The parents had no way to rescue him.

He grew up being bullied because he was different from other youngsters. When he was of age, he described what was done to him as unspeakable. He said he was used for breeding and it wasn’t done in a laboratory. ‘The other kind’ wanted to make themselves stronger by interbreeding with the dragon. I was glad to have spared the actual scenes.

By the way, the dragon had no name because no one bothered to give him one. He said we could call him Dragon. Why was I shown this lifetime? My Higher Self explained that whatever I had to go through in this life was and will never be as bad as what Dragon went through. Despite the traumatic life, Dragon kept his innocence throughout his life. He never harmed another and never harboured hatred and I can do the same.

After this session, I cried for a few days with my arms around my bolster which happened to be of the same colour of the dragon. Although I was crying from disbelief what an awful life Dragon had, I felt I was crying out my own grief from my being bullied and abused. Although this sort of processing is rare, it is one of the reasons why when you sign up for a Beyond Quantum Healing or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session with me, you will also receive a Post Chat Session so that we can help you better process your experience.

3. Wish Son Become Dragon

The Thought of the Moon Cycle is 望子成龍 Wish Son Become Dragon.

望子成龍 Wish Son Become Dragon is one of the most commonly used idioms featuring dragon. It describes how a parent wishes their son to succeed in life, to be somebody, as magnificent as a dragon.

You might be wondering, what about daughters? Well, the idiom was created in the Ching Dynasty, when the only wish for women were for them to marry well and had sons. Therefore, the idiom doesn’t include them. At a later time, a matching phrase was added – 望女成鳳 Wish Daughter Become Phoenix.

It is nice to be included but now you can see another issue we have in the Chinese culture which is that phoenix is often used as a metaphor for women while dragon for men. Dragon is the most loved creature so of course women are only second best. Plus, I probably wasn’t alone in thinking that all dragons were male and all phoenixes were female. I know, it’s not even logical and yet I just accepted it until I saw a past life as a phoenix. Can you imagine how confused I was when I found out that the phoenix was male?

During this moon cycle, notice if you have any stress from what your parents had wished for you to become. Do you in turn have these views and expectations for yourself or others? What do you do to relieve yourself of these weight? How do you help yourself to free yourself?

In the blog post Agios Pavlos and the Sandhill beaches (Crete), I talk about an area in the south of my island that has dragon-like rock formations. 

4. Sekhem Pyramid Transmission – Edition Dragon

The first time I heard of House Healing was when PhotoMan got a job photographing a House Healer for an estate agent magazine back in our London days.

I had started learning Sekhem then and I tagged along because the subject of healing fascinates me. I asked the House Healer questions whenever she wasn’t posing for photos.

At the end of the photoshoot, she pulled me aside and pulled out a mini glass bottle.

‘This is dragon essence. I work with dragons.’ Said the House Healer with so much joy.

‘Really???’ Oh!!! Dragons! I swooned.

‘I knew it was okay to tell you. I know Chinese people love dragons.’

I was confused. ‘Are there people who don’t love dragons?’ That was before I went to Krakow or saw the life as a dragon. Ignorance can be so blissful.

‘Yes. Some people think that dragons are bad.’

I wondered why.

Anyway, this encounter was what sparked my interest for House Healing. Now, I work with dragons too when I facilitate Land and Property Healing with Sekhem. If you are interested in this subject too, or want to find out if this is something that can benefit you, please visit my Land and Property Healing with Sekhem page here.

Sekhem Pyramid Transmission started when an idea came to me to share Sekhem in a simple way. It is not how I normally facilitate a Sekhem treatment. What I do with Sekhem Pyramid Transmission is that I channel a certain amount of Sekhem energy for you. I also create a pyramid for you as sacred place, to be placed around you when you are receiving the transmission. My Divine Spirit Team fills the pyramid with elements and colours according to the moon cycle’s collective energy need.

You can receive this transmission at your convenience during this moon cycle. Here’s what you need to do in order to receive this transmission:

1. Get comfortable by either sitting with your back supported or lying down on your back for relaxation and circulation.

2. Give intention to the effect of ‘I would like to receive the Dragon Issue #1 Sekhem Pyramid Transmission now, to my highest good and will.’

3. Relax for about half an hour.

That’s it!

This time, my Divine Spirit Team filled the Pyramid with vibration of Dragon. Look up the properties of this item if you feel drawn to.

You may or may not feel anything. It’s fine! Having sensation is not a requirement. The only requirement is that you are willing to receive. Please remember to say ‘to my highest good and will’ so you know you are in control.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me here. I certainly would love to hear about your experience! 

And if your friends would like to receive a monthly Sekhem Pyramid Transmission to accentuate their transformational process too, please pass on this link for them to sign up for my newsletter: https://page.co/pwremu

5. I am important. I count. I have significance. As I am

The You Are Amazing Affirmation for this moon cycle is I am important. I count. I have significance. As I am.

During a TDR – The Divine Reveal – hypnosis session, my client was shown the image of a Dragon Baby. Dragon, as a baby, is already powerful and has significance. Her spirit guides wanted her to remember that she is just as powerful the way she was and that she was significant without having to do anything.

It is true, isn’t it? We are all important. We all count. We all have significance. Unfortunately, many of us were taught otherwise. Perhaps our parents had wished for us to become dragons and we thought unless we have reached certain goals and expectations, we were worthless. Perhaps we were told to shut up as a child and we felt that we had to fight in order to be heard or seen. Perhaps we misunderstood humility as having to make ourselves small and we try so hard to have significance in this world. Can you identify with some of the above, or think of other reasons that lead you to feel less than you are?

One might fear that when we see ourselves as important or having significance, we would become egoistic or arrogant. The opposite is true: when we recognize that we are important, we count and that we all have significance, we stop fighting because we no longer need to fight to be heard or seen, we don’t bully or dominate others in order to make ourselves big, we don’t need to feel like failure because we don’t meet expectations or goals that others have set for us. We also will stop trying to run other people’s lives in order to feel in control. We will let others be because we let ourselves be. We will make decisions, take actions or simply live our lives from a place of wellness instead of lack.

During this moon cycle, say to yourself ‘I am important. I count. I have significance. As I am.’ daily and often and see how relaxed and peaceful you become.

In the video ‘What is love? Day 2: Fulfilling Basic Needs”, I talk about how we can show love to ourselves by fulfilling our basic needs. The very basic needs like what our parents used to do for us when we were little babies.

n the video ‘Tony Robbins: The 6 Human Needs’, Tony Robbins talks about the 6 Human Needs. One of which is significance.

We have reached the end of the Dragon Issue #1! The next issue will arrive at your mailbox on the 10th of March, 2024, (Sunday) which is the First Day of the second Month in the Chinese Calendar. Yes, the next New Moon day.