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The Loving Energy Newsletter Rabbit Issue #11

Posted by on May 22, 2024 in Newsletter

Audio Version available by clicking the button below

Audio Version available by clicking the button below

1. Hello Flow!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to The Loving Energy Newsletter Rabbit Issue #11!

When the Spirits told me that this issue is about hypnosis, I thought, right! Must be because I would be in Hong Kong learning clinical hypnosis in Cantonese!

So! Hypnosis! There are so much to talk about! Let’s start with what is hypnosis. Hm… immediately, my mind is like, ‘More like what isn’t hypnosis!’

Let me explain: Hypnosis describes an altered state of mind. For example, when you are engrossed in a book or a movie and don’t notice when someone is trying to speak to you, you have entered a hypnotic state. Day dreaming is also a fine example. Another example is when someone is enjoying a bag of crisps, repeating the motions of taking a piece of crisp from the bag, bringing it to the mouth, chewing it and before swallowing the chewed piece of crisp, the hand is already back to the bag, bringing another piece of crisp. And they repeat these motions again and again rhythmically, unable to sense their body saying ‘no’ to them.

When I tell Greek people I do hypnosis, they often ask jokingly if I’m going to put them to sleep because hypnosis comes from the Greek word ‘ύπνος’ which means ‘sleep’. I wish I have this power. If I do, I would offer my services to parents with new born babies.

In fact, if I’m being precise, when you have a clinical hypnosis session or a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session, the hypnotist or practitioner does not hypnotize you; they assist you in entering a hypnotic state. That’s right, you are the one in control.

How do stage show hypnotists make people crawl on all fours and bark like dogs then? Some people do enjoy having an experience, don’t they? The hypnotist would also bring the volunteers into a light trance initially to see out of all the volunteers, who make the perfect collaborators. For example, people who would dance on the table at parties.

A very attractive example of hypnotic state is the flow state. It is when you are in complete awareness and harmony with your body, action and the environment. You are fully aware of what is going on around you and you flow in accordance while your mind is silent and your body is calm. When athletes achieve this state, they are performing at their peak level while everything about it feels so natural. We can also experience this flow state during an interesting conversation with friends. Time ceases to exist and nothing outside this conversation bubble seems important.

Indeed, time distortion is a sign of someone being in a hypnotic state. When we consider this… you know how some people say time doesn’t actually exist and it is a 3D construct? What if, since we accepted the concept of time, probably from when we were children, we have entered into a hypnotic state? No wonder a Chinese idiom says 人生如夢 Human Life As Dream which says life is like a dream which is short and illusory.

Perhaps, the only time when we are not in hypnosis, is when we are in the flow state. What do you think?

May you flow in bliss, always!


Stephanie 石 The Loving Energy

2. The Divine Reveals what is real

The Divine Reveal (TDR) is a quantum health process that typically runs for 5 to 8 weeks (approx. 12-14 hours appointment time). Malka Ahern was inspired by Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience (NDE) as detailed in her book ‘Dying To Be Me’ to create this unique modality for bringing phenomenal transformation to committed individuals. All sessions are conducted online via Zoom.

The first two steps of the TDR Process – The TDR Introductory Session and Dying To Be Me Book Discussion – are free of charge so that you will have necessary information to decide if, and when, you want to engage in the whole process.

Currently, the whole TDR Process is on a ‘Pay What You Want’ basis. Yes, you can pay whatever amount you want during any of the steps of the process. 

To read more about TDR, click here to go to my TDR page

Want to jump right into the TDR Inquiry Process by scheduling a TDR Introductory Session? Click right here!

My own TDR experience was what triggered me to pondering further on what hypnosis is. You know how some people say our life on Earth is an illusion? I used to scratch my head over this concept and thought perhaps these people were simply too fantastical. Since having my own TDR hypnosis session in which I experienced as my pure essence in the Source realm which feels so natural, more and more I can feel snippets of it in my daily life.

This is not to say that I do not still grief when I visited my father’s grave, or that I’m without any uncomfortable emotions. It means that I find myself able to process my emotions and accept what is with added ease.

Take my being in Hong Kong currently as an example: I was feeling overwhelmed since my arrival. Part of it has been due to my tight schedule from going to clinical hypnosis class and teaching Sekhem. A bigger part of it was because Hong Kong and its people are so different from my Greek island and its people, not to mention that Hong Kong has changed so much since I was here over 4 years ago. I experienced amnesia, my life in Crete seemed like a distant dream. I did feel much joy and appreciation everywhere I looked, everyone I encountered – everything and everyone is so new and different! Yet, I felt immense loneliness from not able to connect with the environment or people on a deeper level like I have become accustomed to.

Fortunately, I was able to attend the TDR support group via Zoom! I could breathe as I told the group about my experience so far without worrying that they thought me silly because they all had gone through the TDR journey and experienced as their pure essence. I felt loved and supported from them even when we were only connected with the mercy of technology. 

I’m feeling good now and enjoying my stay. During my overwhelmed period, the song ‘Where is the love?’ by The Black Eyed Peas kept popping up whenever I listened to music in shuffle mode. I found that when we ask a question, we always receive the answer. I see love here more and more each day now. 

Here’s “What is the love?” by The Black Eyed Peas in case you are asking the same question.

3. One Thought Sky Hall One Thought Ground Prison 

The Thought of the Moon Cycle is 一念天堂 一念地獄 One Thought Sky Hall One Thought Ground Prison. Sky Hall makes Heaven and Ground Prison makes Hell. This idiom describes how our thoughts determine whether we are in heaven or hell.

Let me share with you a cute little experiment that was inspired by what I learnt from the clinical hypnosis class.

First, stand on your feet comfortably, make sure you have enough space for lifting up your arms in front of you. Focus on your breathing and allow yourself to relax down.

Slowly raise both arms up in front of you till they are parallel to the floor. Turn your palms up.

Bring your attention to your left arm and imagine a large and heavy dictionary on your hand. Then imagine another dictionary on top of the first one, and another. Now there are three large and heavy dictionaries on your left hand.

Now, bring your attention to your right arm and imagine you are holding a bunch of very large helium balloons with your right hand.

Stay here and breathe for a few moments.

Keep your arms stay exactly where they are as you open your eyes and look at your arms.

What did your arms do?

After our teacher guided us through these steps, all of us found that our left arms had gone downward, as if the imaginary dictionaries had weighed down our left arms. Some of us had our right arms slightly up, as if being pulled up by the balloons.

My right arm didn’t go up. Instead, my right hand turned downward as if trying to hold down the balloons.

The teacher said the script was from America and many people there were familiar with cartoon images of someone flying away from holding a bunch of balloons. Because of this, the balloon part of the exercise usually made them raise their arm up high.

When we practised these steps amongst classmates, I imagined I was in a cartoon episode and my right arm rose higher and higher till it was totally vertical!

A classmate said, ‘It is truly一念天堂 一念地獄 One Thought Sky Hall One Thought Ground Prison.’

We were all amazed how our thoughts or imagination can change our physiology.

During this Moon Cycle, observe how your thoughts are serving you. Do you feel you are in heaven, or hell, or in between? And how do these thoughts, or beliefs, affect your physiology such as your posture or even the functioning of your body?

*Note: the image shows two buildings in a former industrial area in Hong Kong where the buildings are packed together and quite old. Some people might find this area crowded and unattractive, but since the buildings are no longer used as factories, they are now affordable office or retail spaces. My colleague Sabrina Chau’s healing space Healing Crystal Ananas is in one of these buildings and it is like an Oasis in the midst of the concrete jungle. If you are in Hong Kong and are in need of some beautiful crystals, Healing Crystal Ananas is the perfect place for you.

4. Sekhem Pyramid Transmission – Edition Chinese

I’ve been teaching Sekhem in Hong Kong during this visit. My students are all Chinese. I learnt all metaphysical and spiritual subjects in English and all the Sekhem manuals are in English, and my Chinese has become rusty after 4 years away from Hong Kong. Can you imagine the challenges we’ve been encountering with the languages?

Well, I bet you can’t because instead of feeling challenged, I’ve been having fun!

Thanks to advanced technologies, my students are able to scan the pages and read the web-translated version. Since the app does make mistakes, I still need to explain everything in Chinese and my students would help me with Chinese terminology.

Sometimes while looking for the correct translation, we needed to examine the meaning of the words. For example, my students thought intention meant goal. I showed them how a goal is like a target which you need to meet. Whereas an intention is where you are heading. In Chinese, goal is 目標 Eye Mark. Intention is 意向 Intent Direction. The former describes the destination. The later describes the direction.

Sometimes the translation makes the meaning more intense. For example, lineage in Chinese is 血統 which literally means blood unite. These words made me realize how strong a bond I have with my Sekhem teachers and students. Instead of forming a line, our blood is now as one.

Sometimes the translation can be disagreeable to some people. For example, sacred is translated to 神聖 which means God Saint. It can be off-putting to people who have negative experience with religions. I was surprised at the translation. For me, a sacred space is a place which is nurtured and protected, like in the womb. I never related it to god or saint.

I’m going to have more fun – I’ve decided to translate the Sekhem manuals into Chinese language. It might be challenging but I know I will have a deeper understanding of Sekhem and its teaching through this project. If you know someone who would like to learn Sekhem, a form of energy/spiritual healing, please let them know that Sekhem of the Helen Belôt lineage will be available in Chinese soon.

Sekhem Pyramid Transmission started when an idea came to me to share Sekhem in a simple way. It is not how I normally facilitate a Sekhem treatment. What I do with Sekhem Pyramid Transmission is that I channel a certain amount of Sekhem energy for you. I also create a pyramid for you as sacred place, to be placed around you when you are receiving the transmission. My Divine Spirit Team fills the pyramid with elements and colours according to the moon cycle’s collective energy need.

You can receive this transmission at your convenience during this moon cycle. Here’s what you need to do in order to receive this transmission:

1. Get comfortable by either sitting with your back supported or lying down on your back for relaxation and circulation.

2. Give intention to the effect of ‘I would like to receive the Rabbit Issue #11 Sekhem Pyramid Transmission now, to my highest good and will.’

3. Relax for about half an hour.

That’s it!

This time, my Divine Spirit Team filled the Pyramid with vibration of bamboo, black feather, blue sky, diamond and fishing net. Look up the properties of these items if you feel drawn to. 

You may or may not feel anything. It’s fine! Having sensation is not a requirement. The only requirement is that you are willing to receive. Please remember to say ‘to my highest good and will’ so you know you are in control.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me here. I certainly would love to hear about your experience! 

And if your friends would like to receive a monthly Sekhem Pyramid Transmission to accentuate their transformational process too, please pass on this link for them to sign up for my newsletter: https://page.co/pwremu

5. Retreat One Step Ocean Wide Sky Spacious

This moon cycle’s You Are Amazing Affirmation is 退一步海闊天空 Retreat one step ocean wide sky spacious.

This Chinese idiom is not exactly an affirmation; it is a reminder. There are times when we feel angry or helpless or overwhelmed or other uncomfortable emotion towards a situation or an issue. We want so much to overcome the situation or the issue and we can become so involved that we feel these uncomfortable emotion even more intensely.

This idiom reminds us to take a step back. When we take a step back, we untangle ourselves from the situation and we can observe a bigger picture. Imagine yourself sitting comfortably in the most comfortable armchair. Lean back and let the seatback support you. Imagine you are enjoying a beautiful scenery of a vast ocean and the clear and spacious blue sky. Can you feel tension dissolving from your body, and your heart widening?

When we give ourselves that space, we are gifting ourselves freedom. When we relax in this space, we are able to see the situation or issue with more clarity. We might even see how we do not even have to be involved in this situation or issue, or it is not as important as it had seemed. If there is appropriate action that we can take, the idea can come easier when we have the space to receive it.

During this moon cycle, repeat to yourself Retreat one step ocean wide sky spacious and see how your world opens up while you relax and enjoy life.

*Note: I took the sea and sky picture above from the bus when my mum and I were traveling to visit my father’s grave which is near the border. The sky wasn’t clear nor blue but I enjoyed finally being able to see far and wide. 

*Note: The below pictures show the type of ‘grave’ where my father’s ashes lay. The first picture shows my mum in front of the building full of these graves and the second picture shows a roll of cupboard spaces for future funerary urns. PhotoMan said Hong Kong people live in small space in tall buildings even after they died. He is wrong. My father lives in the sky. These places are for people to get out of their usual places when they ponder on the subject of death and life. 

In the video “What is love? Day 3: Loving Touch”, I shared a story between me and my father in his last days as well as how to care for our feet. 

We have reached the end of the Rabbit Issue #11! The next issue will arrive at your mailbox on the 13th of December (Wednesday) which is the First Day of the 11th Month in the Chinese Calendar. Yes, the next New Moon day.