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The Loving Energy Newsletter Rabbit Issue #3

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1. Hello and blah blah blah

Hello Beautiful ,

Hope you are feeling bright and fresh because we have a Mystery to solve!

As you may remember, The Loving Energy Newsletter premiered on Chinese New Year and is published on the first day of every Chinese Calendar Month. The Chinese Calendar Months have no fancy names like January or February. They are simply referred to as 1 Moon, 2 Moon* and so on. Therefore, The Loving Energy Newsletter Rabbit Issue #1 was published on Rabbit Year 1 Moon, Rabbit Issue #2 on Rabbit Year 2 Moon. Simple, yes?

Why then, Rabbit Issue #3 is not published on Rabbit Year 3 Moon?

Answer: There are 2 x 2 Moon in this Rabbit Year! 

Turns out it is not simple to design a calendar. Especially when the long time ago Chinese people decided that they wanted to include both the moon and the seasons in their calculations, and created a lunisolar calendar. In Chinese, we say Yin-Yang-Calendar. 

On average, each moon cycle lasts about 29.5 days and so a Chinese month has either 29 or 30 days. 

If we have 12 months in a year, there will be 29.5 days x 12 = 354 days. 

If we have 13 months in a year, there will be 29.5 x 13 = 383.5 days

Both of the above could work if they just wanted a system to count the days. But no, they wanted a calendar to reflect the seasons so that the farmers knew when to do what. In the end, they came up with a calculation that says, ’19 Years 7 Leaps’, meaning, within 19 years, there are 7 years with 13 months. 

(19 x 354 days + 7 x 29.5 days) / 19 = 364.9 days

It is a bit complicated to explain how to determine when we have a leap month and where to put it. I mean, I do not understand it myself! What I can tell you is that because of their clever calculations, 1 to 3 Moon are always spring, 4 to 6 Moon are summer, 7 to 9 Moon are autumn, and 10 to 12 Moon are winter. 

This Rabbit Year, we have a Leap 2 Moon. Therefore, today is the first day of Leap 2 Moon even though it is already the third month. Because of the double 2 Moon, we can expect that the cool weather is going to last for a while longer. 

The Real Mystery here is why these very important people who designed very important calendar were not celebrities. 

Conclusion: if you are not a celebrity, you are a very important person indeed!

May you know your worth, always.


Stephanie 石 The Loving Energy

*The Chinese language has no plural form and the Chinese word for moon can also means month since one month equals one moon cycle. 

**The above picture shows the calendar PhotoMan shot for the village of Ano Asites on our little island, Crete. 

***Oh! I finally found a rabbit to show!

2. The Divine Reveal Chinese Whisper

The TDR – The Divine Reveal – free offer continues. I have been overjoyed to be giving a series of Introductory Sessions and started on the Book Discussion Sessions. There are even 3 friends who signed up together as a new way of hanging out!

In every reply to email inquiry regarding this offer, I wrote, ‘Yes, the whole TDR process is currently free of charge although the offer is not mentioned on my website yet.’

You would think after a whole moon cycle, I would have added such vital information on my TDR page instead of having to repeat myself but no, I have not. At first, I thought it was down to my can’t-be-bothered-ness. But I knew why when I received yet another email that said, ‘my friend told me about your free TDR offer…’. 

I feel so warm inside that people are talking about me behind my back! Oh! Let’s play Chinese Whisper!

Here’s how to play The Divine Reveal Chinese Whisper Game?

1. Think of a friend who is into spiritual/metaphysical/alternative health/healing stuff, or one who is looking for a change in their health, lifestyle or growth. 

2. Tell them that they can have a Near Death Experience (NDE) without the Near Death. Yes! Only the super wonderful part and all the benefits people experienced through an NDE and none of the pain or suffering!

3. Direct your friend to either read about TDR in detail here or schedule a TDR Introductory Session here, or both.

That’s it! 

As part of the Chinese Whisper, you are of course also invited to experience the TDR process free of charge! I look forward to meeting you!

3. Thought of the Moon Cycle

The Thought of this Moon Cycle is: I am only Human… with Super Powers.

There is a recurring theme in my conversation with Malka My Mentor. 

Me: I don’t know why I can’t do more. 

Malka: You mean you are human?

Me: Why am I still angry at the same thing?

Malka: You mean you are human?

Me: I feel guilty that I don’t love everyone. 

Malka: You mean you are human?

Hm. I forget sometimes. It must be so important for me to remember this that a line from the song Human by Christina Perri kept popping up in my head. ‘I am only human.’

There are times when putting ‘only’ in a sentence like this has a belittling effect. Here, it helps me to remember a Chinese teaching, ‘no such big head, no good wear such big hat’ which reminds us not to take on duties or responsibilities that are beyond us, or to have unrealistic expectations. 

However, small as we might be, we all have Super Powers. How the photo above was created is a great example: One night when PhotoMan (my husband) and I walked past a row of windmills on Mykonos, the island of wind, he said, ‘Let me give you a photo. Stand over there with your phone.’ 

When he was satisfied with where I was standing, he walked in front of the monument floodlight and let his giant shadow self pose confidently on the back of the windmill. I was almost too in awe of his talent to take the photo. 

The Super Power he demonstrated were:

1. His creativity.

2. His knowledge with photography – he knew what image he could create by using the floodlight, and even knew precisely where I should take the photo from. 

3. His caring nature: he remembered I was obsessed with Instagram then and let me be the genius photographer. It is this quality that earns him a Super Hero Name.

During this Moon Cycle, recognize your Super Powers and see how the thought of ‘I Am Only Human’ can help you wear a hat that fits. Or no hat at all. Ah, the hair in the air!

Here is the account of The Birth of PhotoMan at the Himalayas and some of his amazing works

Sekhem Pyramid Transmission

A subscriber complimented me for preparing Sekhem Pyramid Transmission for every subscriber every month. If this is what you want to tell me too, Thank You and You Are Welcome! But really, it feels so lovely when I am preparing the transmission that I feel like I am receiving rather than giving! 

How about you? I am all ears if you want to share your experience of receiving the transmission with me via replying to this email! Know someone who would love to receive a monthly Sekhem Pyramid Transmission? Tell them to sign up for The Loving Energy Newsletter here > https://page.co/pwremu 

Sekhem Pyramid Transmission started when an idea came to me to share Sekhem in a simple way. It is not how I normally facilitate a Sekhem treatment. What I do with Sekhem Pyramid Transmission is that I channel a certain amount of Sekhem energy for you. I also create a pyramid for you as sacred place, to be placed around you when you are receiving the transmission. My Divine Spirit Team fill the pyramid with elements and colours according to the month’s collective energy need.

You can receive this transmission at your convenience during this moon cycle. Here’s what you need to do in order to receive this transmission:

1. Get comfortable by either sitting with your back supported or lying down on your back for relaxation and circulation.

2. Give intention to the effect of ‘I would like to receive the Rabbit Issue #3 Sekhem Pyramid Transmission now, to my highest good and will.’

3. Relax for about half and hour.

That’s it!

This time, my Divine Spirit Team filled the Pyramid with vibration of Lavender, Honey, and colours of Spring Green, Cobalt Blue and Lilac. You may look up the properties of these items if you feel drawn to. 

You may or may not feel anything. It’s fine! Having sensation is not a requirement. The only requirement is that you are willing to receive. Please remember to say ‘to my highest good and will’ so you know you are in control.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me here. I certainly would love to hear your feedback! 

5. You Are Amazing Affirmation

When I was living in London, I noticed that people said the word ‘amazing’ a lot. I had always associated the word ‘amazing’ with ‘grace’. You know the song Amazing Grace? I thought the word got a downgrade when everyone and everything was amazing there. 

One day I was hanging out at our friend’s when their young friend asked me how I thought of him. ‘I don’t’ was the literal answer that popped up. ‘Why would you ask such a thing’ was the second’. But I told him, ‘You are alright’ because he was alright.

He let out an incredulous gasp, ‘Alright? Just, alright?’

‘Yeah. Is that not good?’ I asked my friend who seemed to have cracked my Chinese codes. 

She smiled, ‘Listen, coming from Stephanie, that’s a compliment.’

‘Oh.’ He looked as confused as I was. 

 You see, where I come from, the scale for accessing people in everyday life range from ‘It’s better that he’s dead’, which is said more often than you would believe, to ‘not wrong’ which implies a compliment. 

‘What would you like me to have said?’ I asked. 

‘Amazing. I thought you would say amazing.’

Hm… I was brought up believing that to think well of yourself meant you are not humble and when you are not humble, it is better that you are dead. To tell him that would have meant I wanted him dead. I wished I could but, he really was alright and I didn’t want to cause harm. 

Shortly after, our friends took us to their cousin’ birthday party. There were many people and I didn’t get to meet the cousin till the party had nearly come to an end. She was right there as I gathered my coat and bag. 

‘You must be Kosta’s wife! I heard so much about you!’ 

Oh no, what was said about me??? I tried not to flinch. You see, where I come from, if someone say that to you, it could only mean bad things like ‘They have warned me about you!’    

The cousin looked into my eyes and said, ‘You are so amazing.’

Er… what was said about me?

‘So amazing. You are so amazing.’ She continued to look into my eyes like I was a fascination. I wondered hard about what was said about me. 

‘So amazing. You are so amazing.’ Drunk?

She looked into my eyes some more, ‘You are amazing. Amazing. Amazing.’ Very drunk.

As she continued some more, something strange happened. I felt sparkles coming out of my chest. As the sparkles expanded out to envelope all of me, I felt…. AMAZING!

After meeting another person who liked to tell me I was amazing, I started saying it too, both to myself and people I meet because the more I say it, the more sparkles I feel from everyone. We are, after all, part of the Amazing Grace, aren’t we?

During this moon cycle, say to yourself multiple times daily, ‘I Am Amazing’ and see how much sparkles you can feel in yourself and others!

We have reached the end of the Rabbit Issue #3! The next issue will arrive at your mailbox on the 20th of April (Thursday) which is the First Day of the Fourth Month in the Chinese Calendar. Yes, the next New Moon day.