Hello! I’m Stephanie.

Pet HealingEver wondered what your pet is thinking? Or how it feels? I can open up a connection between your furry loved one and help you understand your dog or cat more. There is consciousness in every living thing and even if we don’t communicate through the usual ‘words’, I can feel what animals need and how they are.

Most people ask me to do healing on their pets due to illness, curiosity and because they love their pet and want to know how they can make them even happier. Some people come to me just before  periods of absence, for example, when they’re going traveling or if they’re moving abroad and leaving their pet behind. They also like to have peace of mind that their pet is comforted during times of stress, such as moving house. Animals welcome energy healing yet it must be noted they do what’s best for them, which isn’t always what the humans want. If their time is up and they’re ready to leave this earth then healing will help their transition but it will not keep them here.

Pets also absorb a lot of human’s yucky energy, especially dogs, so it’s important to give them protection through healing. Cats do absorb yucky energy for their humans too but they usually can transmute the energy themselves instead of keep it in them.

“Stephanie did energy healing on my cat. As a result, I take her outside more onto our terrace (she’s an indoor cat), carry her around less (apparently it was annoying) and have a bigger appreciation for her. Stephanie also said that my cat was here to teach me things, whereas I’d always thought I was the one who had rescued her.”

These gorgeous animals are here to help us learn, to connect with nature and to discover love as over time we have lost instincts that our pets still have. They comfort us when we can’t find human connection and they help us realize the joy in small things. Have you ever seen how happy a dog is when he’s chasing a ball? Or a cat when he’s snuggled up to his owner?

How does it work?

In short, I open up an energy channel to your pet’s higher consciousness. Your pet, during this time will continue to act as normal, although some people have reported slightly out of character behaviour, including sitting very still. Similarly to energy healing for humans, I can understand where they are most imbalanced and what they need. The main tool I use for pet healing is Sekhem.

Pet healing are offered as distant healing only.

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