Hello! I’m Stephanie.

Dolores Cannon is a a hypnotherapist with a specialism in past-life regression. Over 50 years she has discovered reincarnation and developed a unique method of hypnosis known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHTT) which is the method I am trained in.

She is highly respected in her field and her talks, books, teachings and videos have touched and inspired many, including myself.

I have included some of her videos that would give you more insight about QHHT. You will find many other videos with wide range of topics from Nostradamus to UFOs and Extra-Terrestrials as well as many mind-opening concepts.

If you enjoy reading and would like to know how Dolores Cannon’s journey begin, get a copy of her first book Five Lives Remembered which is a mind blowing yet thoroughly enjoyable read. I also recommend Between Death and Life which has helped me change my perspective in life.

Dolores on letting go of  fear and karma

Dolores Cannon on QHHT Sessions