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Man, Wife and Dog

Posted by on Dec 30, 2016 in Random Thoughts

It’s been freezing cold in Athens and as I was reminiscing the glorious weather in the summer months, I remember the encounter with this villa owner, his wife and their dog. This is an example how a family can benefit change together, as we affect and are affected by the ones closest to us the most.

My husband and I spent the whole summer on Mykonos (Greek island) because that was where work took him. It was a bit weird because so many people were there on holidays but we were on the other side of it. My husband was doing photography work there and sometimes I went to the jobs with him just to hang out and see what happen.

He had to photograph this villa and the second time he went there, I went along because the owner said I was welcome. While wandering at the villa, I saw a big husky looking dog lying there without much energy and he had some skin condition – instead of all furry, he had some bit that was like potato sack.

I gave the dog some pressure point rubs and channeled some energy for him. Usually when I do this with dogs, they get all happy and would lick me or play. This dog allowed me to do whatever but as soon as I finished, he lied down again. I asked why this is so. His higher self said he was very lonely and had lost the will to live.

Previously my husband explained to them about my job but I guess they didn’t understand and thought I was masseuse. While chatting, the owner’s wife joked that if I had massaged her husband, I would have felt how stressed he was. No problem! Didn’t matter what they thought I was, I was happy to have a chance to do something nice for them.

I felt he wasn’t stressed though. It was more like he had a habit of stressing and he became permanently stressed even though he didn’t feel it. He also wasn’t able to have joy, lacking fire and passion. I told him these and he said it was exactly how he felt. While we were having a chat, the dog came. The owner asked me about the dog. I told him the dog lost the will to live because he was lonely.

The owner said that for the first 7 years he had the dog, they ran every day together and they were both fit. Then he had to travel back and forth from Athens to Mykonos and they hadn’t done anything together for 2 years. As he remembered the ‘good old days’, he started patting the dog and after he finished telling the story, he went running with him.

Later I saw the dog was lying on the ground again without energy, although this time he chose to be with us the people instead of being by himself. I connected with him and found his throat chakra was blocked. Poor dog wanted to talk but couldn’t…

The owner’s son who was a grown man came and hello-ed us. The dog tried to get his attention but he turned away. I told the son the dog wanted to say hello and please hello him. So he did and the dog looked so happy. I gave intention that the dog has more influential energy so the family would notice his presence more. The dog is part of the family too!

The next day we went back again for some morning shots. This time the wife said she was upset with herself that she couldn’t speak English fluently with me although she knew many words. So I offered to do some Brain Gym with her which is from Educational Kinesiology, very much movement based and is fun to do. Wife is person who says ‘doesn’t matter’ all the time and is very happy and cheerful outwardly.

So after some movements we had to set a goal. I thought it would be about language but no! She pulled me aside and started telling me she had a lot of problems. Mainly because everyone especially her husband was stressed; she wanted to be the cheerful one and kept all upset inside. She said she just wanted to hide from everyone. It was like once she was allowed to talk freely she couldn’t stop talking about her upsets. I thank God for giving me big ears to listen.

We set the goal for her to be peaceful and relaxed with the environment. I observed that she became more and more cheerful and at the end she said she didn’t remember when was the last time she felt so joyful and calm.

The dog also came and this time, he sort of had a permanent smile (tongue hanging out) and followed the owner and the wife around. They also interacted with the dog much more.

I find it very interesting to see how we affect each other, especially the ones closest to us. We are all the same – no matter what roles we have in life, humans or animals. We all have our own sorrows, upsets and stress. Instead of keeping everything inside ourselves, let’s open up to our loved ones as well as being compassionate listeners. If you have pets, don’t forget they are your family members too!

My husband at work. Thanks for his job I get to see many beautiful places.

My husband at work. Thanks for his job I get to see many beautiful places.

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  1. Susan
    5 January, 2017

    Lovely lovely story Steph…..keep on being your kind and wonderful self. Xx