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How to have Money? Pinkie the Porkchop debuts!

‘How do I have money?’

I was having a chat with my friend and fellow QHHT practitioner Hara Katsiki using my brand new Pinkie the Porkchop* laptop and this subject came up. This money issue had bothered me for quite some time. Even though I never lack, I don’t seem to have the freedom of doing whatever I want due to financial restrictions.

Positive Relationship with Money and Gifts

Hara asked me some questions regarding how I felt towards money and receiving gifts. To be honest, I didn’t think this was the issue because I had been consciously opening to receiving since the time when my husband and I went through a big financial struggle few years back when we were in London. I used to feel shame in the receiving end but now, mostly I feel loved. Although now that Hara mentioned it, I would be working towards having 100% loving feelings because as Hara pointed out, any negative feelings such as shame would block more gifts and money from coming.

Hara suggested that from now on, whenever I spend money, even if it’s only 50 cents, I say, ‘The money I give is blessed and comes back to me multiplied.’ Okay! I like this! Hara said this affirmation has been working for her and I feel confident towards it because Hara doesn’t talk rubbish.

She also suggested I use the affirmation ‘Money comes whenever I want it to’. I have been using something similar: ‘I can afford all I want easily’. But it doesn’t seem to be working.

Reservoir vs. Flow

What my higher self said during a QHHT session with Jovy Wan in Hong Kong 2 years ago came to mind. It said that what I was looking for was a reservoir of money while what I had was a good flow of money. It is somewhat true – I have all I need even at times when it seemed impossible. I paid for nearly all the healing courses during our financial struggle period. Whenever I needed to pay for a course, a small chunk of money would come. Instead of doing what a logical person would do which is to save the money for necessities such as food and rent, I used it for what I believed to be necessities – healing tools and practitioners’ forum which connect me with my colleagues all over the world like Hara and Jovy. If you are a practitioner or student of any healing methods, check out Quantum Healing Practitioner Listing/Support Forum which has been offering me and others much support and inspirations. For those of you who are looking for a practitioner, this is a great site to get connected too.

Benefit of Money Restrictions

Thanks to Hara’s prompting, I remembered another session with George Emerson. George doesn’t practise traditional QHHT. He uses all his knowledge in this field to create his own method and it works just as well. In that session, the money issue came up (it’s an ongoing thing!). My higher self said that money restriction was to my benefit. It gave an example that because of the money restriction, I stopped having alcohol because the only alcohol that tasted good for me was champagne which I couldn’t afford. It said that alcohol, even a little bit, was not good for my personal growth. It seems that the restriction is really helping me to not get side-tracked.

If I had the money now, I said to Hara, I would be joining her and other practitioners to Egypt in March for some healing pilgrimage. I would even go to dance festival there. Oh, why stop in Egypt! I want to go to Ukraine too to see my favourite dancer. I would fly to Peru tomorrow to put my hands on those ancient rocks, visit the glacier in Pakistan, and see all the wonderful places that my friends have visited. I would check out all the ski resort area in Greece and many other places in Greece that my Greek friends have been telling me about. But I know, if I travel anywhere now, I would be stressing about several travel posts I started and have yet to finish.

I also want to have a crystal bowl. But I’m not playing my singing bowl as much as I would like. Oh I miss having a piano! I would love to have new dance costumes, but I’m not even performing or making new choreographies and so I know I don’t deserve them.


‘I have a brand new pink laptop! And many blog posts stuck in my head!’ I told Hara.

Alright that was it. That was the answer. I have all I need. There are many things I want to do which require money I don’t have. There are also many things I set out to do which I have all necessary tools. Until I finish doing all these, I guess I’m not going far. Nor will I get any new toys (e.g. crystal bowl) until I’m playing with my existing ones (singing bowl).

Actually I have more than I need. I also have an abundance of love and friendship. Money doesn’t guarantee good times. It doesn’t give me what my friends and family can – love, companionship, creative ideas and giggles. Having such a fun and insightful chat with Hara, for example, is better than any material possession.

I’m still aiming for a reservoir of money though, just for the fun of it.

Hara shared with me the advice our late teacher Dolores Cannon gave her. Dolores has crossed over to the other side but she still offers us a lot of help. Hara asked her how she could have more clients. Dolores gave her an one-word answer – ACTION.

‘What kind of action?’ I asked Hara to elaborate.

‘Doesn’t matter. First thought and then action. Towards the desired direction.’

So here I am, writing the first blog post of the year with Pinkie the Porkchop.

If you have been doing what Hara talked about but still no luck, my colleagues and myself might be of assistance to you. There are cases in which people have blocks from receiving money. I remember one Sunday back in London, I conducted a QHHT session for my husband in which I asked his higher self to release any blocks that might be blocking his money flow. The higher self confirmed there was and released it. The following day my husband started getting more photography jobs and soon found the opportunity for us to move to Greece. Another example is that a client felt money was dirty and her higher self said that in one of her previous life, she was a prostitute and so she found money dirty. When someone has this kind of association towards money, of course they are unconsciously blocking the flow.

Do you have all you want? Do you have a lot of treasure that you are not using, or not noticing? Are you conscious of your thoughts and feelings towards money and receiving gifts?

*Why ‘Pinkie the Porkchop’ – I was telling my friend Agent Q about my new laptop and I wrote Pinkie because of its colour. Agent Q sent a Pig sticker on Facebook and said that was pink too. So I named my laptop Pinkie the Porkchop. Porkchop because it’s a flat shape and a laptop is not round like a pig. So now whenever I take out my laptop, I get the giggles from this little conversation I had with my good good friend.

**Side story on how I got Pinkie the Porkchop – My 9 year-old heavy black laptop kept shutting down on its own since last year. It was a bit like my brain whenever I thought about writing. Great excuse for me to not do any work! I got bored of not writing though and wished for a pink light weight laptop which I could carry everywhere with our travels. After several days of looking in computer shops in Hong Kong, I gave up and accepted that with the small budget we had, I would settle for another bulky black one for a good performance laptop.

One day while I queued up for McDonald’s toilets with 20 people in front of me, my husband went for a walk and found this pink lightweight laptop and bargained it down to our budget! I believe my husband’s wish for me to get my wish comes true add to our manifestation power. Some people believe you should keep your wishes a secret in order for them to come true. I believe the opposite – when we tell people who care about us, they add their will to the wishes and sometimes even put their own effort into making our wishes come true.

*** And now you might like to see what ACTION Hara has been doing at her YouTube channel.

Pinkie the Porkchop

The magical Pinkie the Porkchop. Looks almost like an advert! Photo by PhotoMan