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Sekhem session story – She came back to sleep!

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Sekhem Apprenticeship

Upon completing Sekhem Healing Level One Workshop, I started inviting everyone I came across to be my practice subjects. During this period, people who came didn’t always believe in this method but out of perhaps curiosity or perhaps they just wanted to help me with my apprenticeship. Whether they believed or not, it always worked even though they might not notice the changes that happened within. I’m thankful for all who trusted me enough to be my practice subjects because real learning can only happen when we apply our knowledge.

She came back to sleep!

Marcia* was my husband’s friend’s wife. Her husband didn’t take up my offer of a practice Sekhem treatment but he encouraged her to come and she did. Twice.

I was surprised that she came for the second time because after the first, she thought she felt energized and relaxed not because of the treatment but because she slept through out. The only out of ordinary thing that happened was that during the treatment, she saw herself as a multi-colour being and the colours seemed alive.

On her second visit, Marcia was honest about not feeling any changes after the first session. We didn’t know each other that well so she didn’t need to go out of her way to help me. Why did she come back? I had an ah-ha moment after catching her longing glance at the massage table – she came back just so she could sleep!

Marcia had had her third child few months ago. Her husband helped as much as he could although most household duties fell on Marcia’s shoulders because he often had to work till late due to the nature of his job. They came from another European country and didn’t have their family’s support. The prices in London were too high for them to afford any childcare service. Marcia was constantly exhausted and as soon as her husband had another free day, he took her back to me to sleep. She said even when her husband was around, her children never let her have a moment’s quiet.

We talked about her life. She had wanted to go back to work part-time as she enjoyed her job but now she would have to wait for a few more years. We explored ways of her getting more rest and more help but there didn’t seem to be a quick solution. At the first session, we worked on her being more relaxed and energized. I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t find positive changes towards this goal because the situation at home had yet to change.

On her second visit, she said she wasn’t happy about herself because she had become short tempered towards her eldest child and she thought she had picked up her father’s way. It is always wonderful when clients notice themselves and know what changes they want to make. It is logical for a tired and stressed person to become short-tempered but we all have the potential to be calm in all situations. We set the intention of this treatment for her to be patient with her children alongside with her previous goal which was to be relaxed and energized. We also asked the Sekhem energy to help her have clear mind.

At the beginning of the first treatment with Marcia, I found myself being confused and my mind drifted off so much that a few times I forgot what I was going to do next. Usually when I’m channelling Sekhem, my mind automatically becomes clear and calm. Fortunately, my teacher’s advice came to mind and I asked whatever that didn’t belong to me to please leave me. During a treatment such as Sekhem, the practitioner and the client are very much connected and often the practitioner can feel what is happening in the client’s body or auric field, especially if it is something that is ready to be released. I told Marcia afterwards of what I sensed and she confirmed that she had been feeling confused and forgetful and she thought it was down to her being exhausted all the time.

Have you gone through phrases of being forgetful? If yes, what was your life like during those periods? Before you conclude that you need serious help or are getting old, please check that you have plenty of rest time. Having much worries and other unnecessary thoughts can also make us forgetful. We only have a limited amount of brain space so let’s not waste this precious space with thoughts that don’t serve us.

Marcia slept throughout her second treatment. Later, she said she saw herself as multi-colour being again. She also saw beautiful pictures of nature. She didn’t know those places and she didn’t know what the pictures meant. Were the pictures nice? Yes. Maybe it was good for her to be in nature? Maybe, she said.

That was the last time Marcia came to my place to sleep. My husband told me that Marcia’s husband got a new job which allowed him to work more regular hours but it also meant that he wasn’t free during the day anymore. I saw Marcia twice more before we moved to Greece. First time we met in a park but I didn’t get to spend time with Marcia because several of her friends were there. It was a lovely park with thick grass and gorgeous trees. Add a little imagination and it was like in an enchanted forest.

Sekhem apprenticeship

Photo by Konstantinos Anastasakis the PhotoMan

All her wishes came true!

The second meeting happened several months after the treatments. Marcia and her husband invited us to their home for dinner.

After a busy and fun dinner with all three of their children present, Marcia finally settled down to relax with a glass of wine and started sharing with me her good news. She had felt much more relaxed after she stopped breastfeeding her youngest and was happy to be able to enjoy wine again.

Miraculously, she found the best nanny that she didn’t know she could hope for – her friend’s mother came to London to live and wanted to earn a little pocket money. Marcia’s children fell in love with this old auntie, at times even seemed to prefer her over Marcia, and didn’t seem to mind Marcia’s absence. The added bonus was that this old auntie didn’t speak English and the children had no choice but to practise their mother tongue, just as Marcia and her husband had hoped for. She had her old beloved job back, a job that was both creative and offered steady hours which allowed her to be home before dinner time.

She made sure both husbands couldn’t hear us before she continued with a frown. She said some friends told her to reconsider about having a job. Their argument was that her children would be small only once and she would miss seeing them grow up. She asked me what I thought.

‘How do you feel about it?’

I gave her back the question because it was not important what I thought regarding how she lived her life. She was the only one who knew how she felt and thus the best person to answer her own question. She was silent for a moment and said, ‘I think I am a better mother when I work.’

She said before having her job back, she was with the children all the time and sometimes she wanted to run away from them and then felt bad for having these feelings. Now that she worked, she looked forward to seeing them every evening and to family time on weekends. She found herself more patient with her children.

‘But people kept telling me I should stay home…’

‘I think you are right. I think what you are doing is the best for you and your children.’

As a practitioner, I tend not to share my opinion. I would use whatever methods the clients come for to help them trust themselves and to know their minds. However, I was there as a friend, and could offer what was equally important – support. Marcia knew what she wanted. She noticed the difference pre and post job and she made her decision based on the best outcome. She even managed to find the best nanny for her children. Speaking of which –

‘How do you feel about your children preferring the nanny?’

She smiled, ‘A little jealous sometimes but when I see how happy they are, I feel less guilty that I enjoy going to work.’

How do you make decisions in life? Do you follow your heart or are you swayed by your family or peers’ way of thinking?

At times we might feel there are no solutions to our situations. Please never give up hope – write down your thoughts and your wishes often and keep your eyes, ears and mind opened. The best outcome** that you didn’t know existed might be just around the corner!

*Marcia – not real name

**An example of best outcome – I asked my husband to take a photo of someone sleeping in the nature for this article. When he was preparing his camera, I saw some butterflies at a distance and thought wouldn’t it be nice to have butterflies in the photo. When my husband started to shoot, this dog came. My husband thought it was the most suitable dog not only because it was beautiful, but that it was a wolf which stands for guardian. Some butterflies did come but they were too small to show up nicely. I urge you to remember your own best unexpected outcomes so as to keep your hope alive.


  1. Yumiko
    17 August, 2019

    I love this story so much in many ways!
    Your gentle quiet assistance on your client’s journey, always returning her questions back in her court to nurture more self-trust in her, is so empowering and healing.
    Your openness to and hope for multiple possible positive realities are very encouraging. You make me feel like it is actually possible.
    I LOVE the picture! It’s so perfect, proving the point you made.
    The whole article is so uplifting.
    Thank you for sharing your awesome experience.

    • The Loving Energy
      19 August, 2019

      Hey Yumiko thank you ❤