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Protection Techniques – Why and How

Posted by on Jan 27, 2020 in Simple Wellness Techniques

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protection techniques - nazur
The nazar is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye.

By now you would have heard of how wifi and other electromagnetic waves can affect our wellbeing even though we can’t see nor touch them. What if there are other invisible matters that affect us too? What can we do about it?

Protection Technique – Why?

There are many ways to protect oneself energetically, usually by visualisation or/and by having an object such as a crystal close to us. At the end of this article you will find 2 basic visualisation protection techniques as well as a list of objects that are readily available. First, let’s talk about why we need it, which and when to use, and most importantly, our attitude towards it.

Obviously we can become tired after a long conversation with someone as that requires much concentration, and being in crowded space means our brains have to take in a lot of information. What most of us don’t know is that there is a lot of energetic exchange going on and this is the main reason why there is a need for protection.

People’s emotions

How do I prove to you that emotions can be flying everywhere? I can’t, especially if you’ve made up your mind against it. However I would like to ask you to observe for yourself the feelings you experience while in presence of what you think is a calm person versus a stressed person. Once we start paying attention and opening our inner sensors, the effect we have on one another becomes apparent.

When one is unprepared, one can easily absorb the emotions another person lets out, whether it’s anger, grief or fear. We do get influenced by positive emotions such as joy and peacefulness too and that is why we normally are drawn to happy people.

How about when our friends and family are going through tough times? Our hearts definitely tell us to be there for them. However if we are honest with ourselves, we could see on some levels we don’t actually look forward to their company. This is another reason for needing to protect ourselves, so that we can be centred and provide the comfort our loved ones need without being dragged into their emotional turmoil.

Crowded places

We all know that the air in a crowded place is not as fresh as an empty space, especially if it is enclosed. Just as we breathe in polluted air, we can take in polluted energy. We can definitely take in good energy that people let out but nowadays people especially in cities are more often stressed and tired than otherwise.

Collective consciousness

Our thoughts carry energy and Professor Emoto had conducted many experiments through his studies with water crystals. You can read about his studies or have look at his children book online which gives a clear and easy to understand introduction to his work. At the end of this book, there is an experiment that you can do easily which demonstrates how your thoughts can physically affect the world around you.

There is so much anger and fear around with what goes on in the world at the moment. People in many parts of the world are angry with their governments, and fear for their safety and financial situations. Collective consciousness is like the weather. When it’s cold, we put on more layers of clothing. When there is much fear, anger or other undesirable thoughts and emotions around, we also need to be conscious about protecting ourselves so as not to be affected.

Place memory

Similar to how we can absorb energy, land, objects and the space between are the same. Some of the examples where undesirable emotions accumulate are conference rooms where there were a lot of tension, places where there were conflicts and turmoil in the past such as during wartimes, roads where fatal accidents happened, hospitals and funeral homes.

Electromagnetic frequency

Examples of electromagnetic waves are wifi, microwaves and operated televisions. In the same way that your phone and computer can receive wifi signals, our bodies unintentionally do the same. Our bodies are full of electromagnetic circuits of our own and are receptive to external influence. In-taking chemicals can harm our bodies even though our bodies naturally produce chemicals for various functions, we are also better off without the external electromagnetic influences. The effects might be subtle but let’s not forget that we are exposed to these every hour of the day.

Our bodies naturally want to protect themselves from undesirable energy the best way they can, although usually in ways that are not so effective and possibly can have a negative effect on our health. One way is that the body develops a layer of padding around it; another way is for the body to tense up constantly in order to block energy off; yet another way is for the body to curl up. In these ways though, the body also stops receiving good energy.

Let’s think about what we do when we feel cold. We tend to curl up and hug ourselves to keep warm, don’t we? Of course it is much more effective if we remember to bring a jacket or scarf for the cold evening. It is also more effective if we actively make protection than for our bodies to defend itself as a last resort.

Positive mindset

It seems that there is so much invisible matter all around us and this article is not to fill you with fear but to awaken your awareness. It is similar to when the airlines give you a safety demonstration – it is not to dampen your good holiday mood but to assist you to gain an insight as to what could happen as well as what you can do in case of all eventualities so that you are in control. So let’s be aware and be resourceful so that you can be in charge of your energetic being.

Even with energetic protection in place, we can still give out our energy if we want to. An example is when we feel sorry for someone. Feeling sorry for someone never helps anybody. You can give out all your energy to a friend who is grieving as well as absorb their grief but it would not help them in the long term. By being centered, we are more able to give the comfort they need and not feel drained. How much help can we offer if we are exhausted ourselves?

More and more I see the mention of ‘empath’ (people who are very sensitive to energy e.g. emotions) and very often they’re referred to as if they are victims of their own sensitivity. Having great sensitivity is potentially a good thing. I know because I am one and this ability helps with my energy work, especially after another practitioner pointed this out to me and after I removed this silly victim feeling and learn to be responsible with my sensitivity. Whether you consider yourself an empath or not, believe that you can be in control, it just takes a bit of understanding of the self and some practice.

Protection Techniques – How?

Simple visualisation protection technique

The technique that I call The Bubble is taken from a Sekhem Healing course that I have shared with many of my clients who found it helpful. The White Pyramid is an adaptation from Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. There are many different kinds of similar technique and I encourage you to have a search and experience for yourself which suits you best. We are all quite different from one and other so there isn’t really a ‘one size fits all’ technique. Hopefully what I’m going to illustrate to you could give you a good start.

Some people are used to visualizing, some are better with feeling or knowing, so let’s use the senses that you are most comfortable with.

The easiest way to do The Bubble is standing up, however as you get used to this, you can do this while sitting, lying down or even walking as I sometimes do just before I enter a crowded place. This technique not only provides us with energetic protection but also helps to train our minds too.

The Bubble Technique
  1. From the Soul Star chakra which is above the crown chakra (top of our heads), bring down a column of golden light.
  2. From the Earth Star chakra which is below our feet, bring up a column of golden light. See/feel/know that there is now a column of golden light running through the centre of your body.
  3. Let this column of golden light radiate outward in all directions so that your whole body is enclosed in a golden light bubble.
  4. Call on the purest light from the highest divine realm and let it surround your golden light bubble.
  5. Put your attention back to the centre column of golden light. Call up the Violet Flame of St. Germaine from the Earth and see this flame surround your centre column of golden light.
  6. Give thanks to all the lights and set your intent for protection.
Protection Techniques
White Pyramid Practice
  1. See/feel/imagine a pyramid that is made of white light in front of you. Know that the white light is a living light instead of static, so you may see it shine and flow.
  2. See the pyramid expand until it is large enough to enclose your whole body. See yourself being enclosed in the white pyramid of light.
  3. Give thanks to the light and give intent for protection. You might give intent for cleansing or healing too especially if you use it for your sleep time.

I like to use the White Pyramid for my sleep time and meditation. It seems to give me extra peace and quiet other than protection. Many people think white light is the most powerful protection but as mentioned earlier, we are made differently and depending on our ever changing needs, we might need other kinds of lights too. Let’s observe ourselves to find out what serves us best.

Simple posture for protection

The Solar Plexus chakra is where the stomach is, just below the ribcage, and is a very sensitive spot. I’m sure you have seen people crossing their arms when for example they are being criticized. This is the body’s instinct to protect this sensitive chakra. When next time you are in presence of someone you feel can affect you energetically, avoid facing them front on.

If you are sitting down, you can also lace your fingers together and cross your ankles. This is a fast and effective way to centre oneself especially when you put in a clear intent. It is as if you connect with yourself instead of outside influences. Let’s give it a try this right now and see how it feels!


There are many kinds of crystals and other objects that you can carry, wear or place around your home for protection. These objects often have grounding properties as well as give out good vibration. Which to have and use depends on your budget and personal preferences. I don’t wear accessories so the option of wearing crystals is not for me. If you like wearing jewellery, why not wear something that actually helps you instead of just pleasing for the eyes?

If you are purchasing a crystal or object solely for protection purpose, you may buy the cheapest ones and they can do just as good a job as the more expensive varieties, especially if you develop a good connection with them by meditating with them.

Some of the crystals for protection that you can carry, wear or place around your home and workplace are black tourmaline, obsidian, onyx, smoky quartz and shungite. Shungite is especially known for its property for shielding off electromagnetic frequency and I’ve seen some sites selling pieces that you can stick behind your phones and laptops.

protection techniques - orgonite
An Orgonite pyramid


Other objects you could place around your home that are helpful are Himalayan salt lamp/ornament and orgonite which is made of different kind of crystals and minerals. These are often rather decorative and you may place one (if you are very sensitive to electromagnetic frequency) next to each of your appliances.

One important thing to note is that all of these objects require cleansing. There are some posts about how certain crystals like shungite do not require cleansing but I find it to be untrue. There is often an energetic exchange going on so when an object is radiating out good vibration, it is also taking in the undesirable.

I also see cleansing as making a connection between ourselves and what are helping us. These objects tirelessly assist us all hours of the day and really deserve our attention. I found that the more I care for my crystals, the more I am connected with them. I used to have a black tourmaline near me for my work but now I simply call on its energy when I feel I need extra grounding or protection help.

Just as nature is cleansed from time to time by wind and rain, an easy way to cleanse any crystals or objects is by blowing on them or by putting them under running water with the intention of clearing all undesirable energy. You might also do this through visualisation. Be aware though that some crystals/objects are not good to be placed in water as they will dissolve over time.

Protection techniques - crystals
Black tourmaline and obsidian
Most importantly – Trust!

Trust that whatever method of protection resonates with you most is the best way for you but do observe your being as our bodies change as we evolve and we might need to adjust accordingly.

Trust that you are in control. There are many ways to protect ourselves energetically and most importantly is that you take charge of your wellbeing and believe that you are capable of looking after yourself. All it takes is a bit of learning about the self and some practice.

Trust that it is all very simple, that our minds are infinite. Let’s start making experiments with protection technique now!

*All images by Konstantinos Anastasakis