Hello! I’m Stephanie.

Why people come to me

"Not good enough. All alone. Uninspired. Uninspiring. Tired... all the time. Stuck in a rut. No purpose to life. Trapped. Stressed. Family relationship issues. No love life. An unfulfilling love life. The victim. Unable to speak up. Sad. Angry. Sad and angry about everything. Sad and angry about nothing. Nervous. Let down. Feeling fat. Feeling ugly. Would love a hole to hide in. Nothing goes right. Filled with hate. For myself and others. The odd one out."

The list goes on.

I've met so many people through my work that feel some or even all of the above. You can change all that just like so many of us have. I have The Methods that can assist you to become the Super Version of yourself. You are infinite!


Helping you discover what's right for you.

Land/Property Healing with Sekhem

Optimizing the harmony level between yourself, your property and land! Why bother? Part of my studies involved observing my clients’ well beings, their progress and so on to see what else needs to be done. A chance visit to one of my client’s home brought me to an ah-ha! moment. One simple way of looking at how […]

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique / Beyond Quantum Healing

Please note that QHHT is available for in-person session only. BQH is available both online and in-person. What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)? Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a hypnosis method created by Dolores Cannon which can allow access to the clients’ higher-self/higher-conscious/inner-self/inner-wisdom (Dolores called it subconscious) and past-lives or other types of consciousness explorations. It […]

Sekhem Healing

What is Sekhem? Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian form of healing. It helps us break down which no longer serves us and helps us transform lives. Sekhem Healing is similar to Reiki yet like the other systems, it has its own distinctive vibrational frequency; it ranges from pure unconditional love to enlightenment. Sekhem is often […]

‘I saw nothing!’ – My sorry tale at a Judy Hall Crystal Workshop

‘I saw nothing!’ – My sorry tale at a Judy Hall Crystal Workshop

Me too. I saw nothing! Sometimes clients ask me how to connect with the other realms. Some of them have been doing all sorts of practice but still, nothing. I’m willing to share what I know but where to begin? There are different kind of senses, and there are so many different ways of practising. […]

Birth of PhotoMan at the Himalayas

Birth of PhotoMan at the Himalayas

Posted by on Jun 3, 2021 in Human Stories

I often refer to my husband Kosta (Konstantinos Anastasakis) as PhotoMan because I believe even the most ‘regular’ human has Super Power and Super Hero names give me giggles. Here’s the story of how Kosta discovered his Super Power. What would you do at your darkest moments? When you are in despair, when your whole […]

Lina Ramchand and her Self-Study Guide Reflections

Lina Ramchand and her Self-Study Guide Reflections

Posted by on Mar 19, 2021 in Book recommendation, My Magical World

Since receiving Lina Ramchand’s Reflections, I’ve been using it as a self-study guide with remarkable results. I set out to write a book recommendation but because it is such a rare privilege to have met the author in person, I included snippets of our interaction in this article as well.  My first encounter with Lina […]

Good food
Love and joy
Gifts given
Gifts received

…these all raise your vibration… know that for yourself.

Embed these as a way of life and learn to cultivate these things. Do one of these things every day and your vibrations will increase and you will attract people.

Love will be abundant in your life.


-The Subconscious
courtesy of Chris Montoya www.pastlivesabq.com

What others say

Just some of the things that my clients say about me and how I've helped them.

Jonathan Baker, Fundi at Rust Fundi

Stephanie is my lighthouse.

I will disappear into the ocean of life for months, sometimes years.. but when things get rocky all I have to do is reach out to her and she will be there, unconditionally, she is my beacon of light. She points out the obstacles and clearly explains the route around them. I am sailing away again with peace in my heart, Read more…

- Jonathan Baker, Fundi at Rust Fundi

She really helped me

Stephanie gave me an excellent session that took me to the next level of confidence and embodying my own power. The energetics of past lives were cleared and information received plus she is very encouraging and positive. Read more… 

- Shivrael
Karuna Chinchkhede

Powerful Energy Work

Stephanie offered me Sekhem healing session when she intuitively realized that I needed it.
It was a remote session. I was travelling when she tuned into my energy and my higher self. All information that she shared with me and the work that she done on me was so valuable in my spiritual and healing journey. Read more…

- Karuna Chinchkhede