Hello! I’m Stephanie.

Why people come to me

"Not good enough. All alone. Uninspired. Uninspiring. Tired... all the time. Stuck in a rut. No purpose to life. Trapped. Stressed. Family relationship issues. No love life. An unfulfilling love life. The victim. Unable to speak up. Sad. Angry. Sad and angry about everything. Sad and angry about nothing. Nervous. Let down. Feeling fat. Feeling ugly. Would love a hole to hide in. Nothing goes right. Filled with hate. For myself and others. The odd one out."

The list goes on.

I've met so many people through my work that feel some or even all of the above. You can change all that just like so many of us have. I have The Methods that can assist you to become the Super Version of yourself. You are infinite!


Helping you discover what's right for you.

The Divine Reveal (TDR) – A Quantum Health Process

The Divine Reveal (TDR) is a quantum health process that typically runs for 5 to 8 weeks (approx. 12-14 hours appointment time). Malka Ahern was inspired by Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience (NDE) as detailed in her book ‘Dying To Be Me’ to create this unique modality for bringing phenomenal transformation to committed individuals.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique / Beyond Quantum Healing

QHHT was created by the late Dolores Cannon. BQH was developed much later by her student, Candance Craw-Goldman. QHHT and BQH are both consciousness-exploration type modality with their own distinctions. Often, other than experiencing a past life/parallel life, clients receive healing and guidance from their Divine Spirit Team.

Sekhem Healing

Sekhem is a powerful vibration ranges from pure unconditional love to pure light and was used by the Ancient Egyptian. It was re-introduced to the current time by Helen Belôt. I facilitate Sekhem Healing (both in-person and remotely) and I offer Sekhem workshops. I also facilitate Land & Property Healing with Sekhem.

Our Family visit at the Lasinthos Eco Park at Lasithi Plateau, Crete

Our Family visit at the Lasinthos Eco Park at Lasithi Plateau, Crete

I never thought much of any theme parks that do not feature a roller coaster but a chance visit to Lasinthos Eco Park changed my view. PhotoMan* was called to do his Super Hero Photography Thing there and was invited to stay overnight. Since pets and family are welcome at their apartments, Deka, our dog, […]

ΥΠΆΡΧΕΙ ΈΝΑ ΤΈΡΑΣ ΜΈΣΑ ΣΤΟΝ ΝΟΥ ΜΟΥ! There is a Monster in my mind!

ΥΠΆΡΧΕΙ ΈΝΑ ΤΈΡΑΣ ΜΈΣΑ ΣΤΟΝ ΝΟΥ ΜΟΥ! There is a Monster in my mind!

Posted by on Feb 10, 2022 in Greek post, Learning to be Greek, Random Thoughts

Έμαθα τις λέξεις για τα σχήματα και για εργασία, η δασκάλα ελληνικών μου ήθελε να σχεδιάσω ένα τέρας με μερικά σχήματα και να το περιγράψω. Όταν έκανα αυτή την εργασία, ανακάλυψα ένα τέρας μέσα μου. I made my first video and blog post in Greek! This is actually one of my Greek homework entries, for […]

Meeting Landscape Woman and Good-Work Man at Michalis Maniadakis’ Little School of the Earth

Meeting Landscape Woman and Good-Work Man at Michalis Maniadakis’ Little School of the Earth

Posted by on Nov 13, 2021 in Greece Travel Diary, Human Stories

It was Open Farm Day in Greece. PhotoMan (my husband) and I went to Michalis Maniadakis’ eco farm at Kalessa which is about 20 minutes from Heraklion (the largest city in Crete) to attend his seminar. I thought I would be bored because it was in Greek* but I enjoyed every moment and unexpectedly learnt […]

Good food
Love and joy
Gifts given
Gifts received

…these all raise your vibration… know that for yourself.

Embed these as a way of life and learn to cultivate these things. Do one of these things every day and your vibrations will increase and you will attract people.

Love will be abundant in your life.


-The Subconscious
courtesy of Chris Montoya www.pastlivesabq.com

What others say

Just some of the things that my clients say about me and how I've helped them.

Jonathan Baker, Fundi at Rust Fundi

Stephanie is my lighthouse.

I will disappear into the ocean of life for months, sometimes years.. but when things get rocky all I have to do is reach out to her and she will be there, unconditionally, she is my beacon of light. She points out the obstacles and clearly explains the route around them. I am sailing away again with peace in my heart, Read more…

- Jonathan Baker, Fundi at Rust Fundi

She really helped me

Stephanie gave me an excellent session that took me to the next level of confidence and embodying my own power. The energetics of past lives were cleared and information received plus she is very encouraging and positive. Read more… 

- Shivrael
Karuna Chinchkhede

Powerful Energy Work

Stephanie offered me Sekhem healing session when she intuitively realized that I needed it.
It was a remote session. I was travelling when she tuned into my energy and my higher self. All information that she shared with me and the work that she done on me was so valuable in my spiritual and healing journey. Read more…

- Karuna Chinchkhede