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Hara Katsiki and her Intuitive Session Part 1

Posted by on Dec 28, 2020 in Healing Methods

Recently there was this unexplainable pain in my left forearm. As usual I treated myself with the healing tools that I gathered over the years but nothing seemed to work. After an one-hour long deep meditation, I realized I needed some human assistance. My dear friend and colleague Hara Katsiki appeared in my mind and I contacted her immediately. She asked me what I would like her to do and I requested for an Intuitive Session. I noticed this new service that she offers since a few months ago and I was curious. I felt relieved when she said ‘yes’ because she had held my hands in numerous occasions and I adore her works.

Hara Katsiki the Multifaceted Jewel of Joy

Hara Katsiki, now resides in Berlin, Germany, is originally from Greece. Her name Hara (Χαρά in Greek) means joy and she uses her many gifts to guide and assist people towards joy, self-empowerment and freedom. She channels her robust cosmic connection into healing, visual and auditory arts. She is an intuitive healer, mystery teacher, visual artist and sound alchemist. Like the whirling multifaceted crystal on her website, Hara is a multitalented Jewel of Joy.

Hara’s talents in the healing, visual and auditory worlds are not separated, however, but intertwined. For example, her meditation videos are all sprinkled with magical tunes and bedazzling animations that add to the healing journey. Her visual arts have this other-worldly quality that seem to be able to transport people into a dream world. Previously, I enlisted Hara’s help in designing a T-shirt for a healing practitioner gathering and Sekhem certificate. Both times, she instinctively knew exactly what were needed in the design before I knew it myself.

Hara Katsiki
Artwork by Hara Katsiki. Image permitted to use by Hara.
hara Katsiki design
Hara knew exactly what symbols to put into the Tshirt design way before I did!

What an Intuitive Session with Hara Katsiki is like

The Intuitive Session happened online via Zoom. I set up my laptop next to my bed so that I could lounge in my bed where I could be the most comfortable. Even though ‘Intuitive Session’ might sound like a psychic reading, it’s not necessarily what you think. I believe all healing and guidance sessions are sacred and a private space was needed so I kept my husband and our dog out of the bedroom for the duration of the session. I used my headphone to stay further away from the outside world so that I could have utmost focus in where ever Hara was taking me.

According to the Intuitive Online Session information page, every session is unique and can varies depending on what comes through. I’m going to outline my session here anyway to give you an inside view.

After the initial chat about how I was, Hara guided me into a relaxed state by doing some breathing and feeling certain emotions. I followed her guidance and soon felt light flowing through my body. She asked me if I could see where there were blockages and I told her whatever I could see or felt. She asked me further questions to get to know what I was experiencing. At times I saw some images that didn’t make much sense and Hara would encourage me to tell her more as we unravelled the puzzle together. I didn’t just see the images though. I could feel them in my body where they were related.

I also didn’t receive the information with just my brains. From time to time my body felt this slight tingles as if information sipped inside me through my skin. My whole body, apart from where there were blocks, felt light and airy through most of the session. Sometimes as I described what I was seeing, I became emotional as if somewhere deep inside me, where I buried all the hurts, was illuminated by the light. I felt safe in Hara’s presence and I let all these emotions come to the surface. Sometimes I talked to Hara with my eyes opened and I knew by the way my eyes not able to focus on anything much that I was in a deeper state then I thought.

When Hara was guiding me to receive guidance from my higher self, I had a ‘I’m so tired’ moment and I asked Hara if she could receive information for me. Hara promptly took over and acted as the instrument for my higher self to speak to me. I’m used to the way my higher self speaks to me and I can confidently tell you that Hara is a clear channel for messages to come through.

So you see, Hara’s Intuitive Session is a win-win. The clients can get to reconnect with their innate wisdom and to reawaken their perhaps dormant intuition. However, there is no pressure at all for the clients because Hara can be the instrument for communication with their higher self whenever necessary.

The whole session is recorded and Hara sent it to me the next day. The recording is just as valuable as the actual session. Hara said imagery was very powerful and it was. The messages within the images were layered and I gained new insights after the session and again when I was listening to the recording.  I also had more light flowing through me via the recording.

Light code transmission

After the session was completed, I asked Hara about the light code transmission that is mentioned in her information page. I half expected her to go 3… 2… 1… BOOM! Hara said it was there throughout the session and that it wasn’t something that one could describe. It was the love that I could feel and which connected Hara and I during the session. I feel perhaps the light code is also what flew through my body and what illuminated my deep sorrow within.

Many years ago, before Hara started practising healing, she had a very vivid vision of a white lion feline humanoid being who was holding a diamond in her mouth. She could never forget that vision and she only understood what it meant in the beginning of this year. She realized that she holds a diamond light code within her and it comes out through her voice. It also doesn’t matter what she talks about, although she believes that she knew about it subconsciously and therefore she chose to practise hypnosis and other methods that require her using her voice.

Hara Katsiki flower
Hara and flower exchanging love. Image permitted to use by Hara.

Hara Katsiki the Human

I became very emotional during the session and definitely wasn’t an easy client to deal with. I told Hara that it wasn’t her gifts but her strength that helped me. This explains why I couldn’t have treated myself: I needed a compassionate human to hold my hands and this is what my higher self, spirit guides and angels, star friends and family cannot do even if they come to me all together. Hara was pensive for a moment and she replied,

‘Ultimately, I know that I cannot go to someone and fix them. I understand that as a healer and as a human being, the most important thing is to be there, to hold the space and allow whatever needs to to happen. I don’t necessarily need to figure it out. I try often before the session to figure it out but my guides are always reminding me that “There’s nothing for you to figure out. Just be present. Be available. Be there.”

‘And when this happened that you exploded, that all these emotions came up: the sadness, the anger, you know all that stuff, and you started crying. My conscious mind was alarmed, “You are failing! It doesn’t work! You don’t help her! She got worse! What can you do now! There’s nothing you can do!”

‘Another part of me said, “There’s nothing you need to do, remember? Just be there with her. That’s all. There’s nothing more powerful and beautiful to be just there with her, with what’s she’s going through.  Allow this to happen. Do not suppress it. Do not try to fix it. Be with it. Hold it. Accept it. That’s all she needs. Just hold the space.”

‘This helped me a lot and then I helped you. I’m not trying to fix you here. I’m not trying to channel. Just human to human. Just hold my love for you in that vulnerable moment. So I think the love is what makes us strong. The love. There’s nothing else. There’s no wisdom or experience, how good you can channel the galactic federation, the masters. And I don’t know how to speak light language and I don’t release spirits attachment. It’s how much you believe in the power of love. It is a cliché but it is so beautiful. So transformative. Just by showing love for each other. Being there. Listen.’

When Hara was explaining to me about the diamond light code, about how it would be amplified when she was experiencing high vibrational emotions such as when she was facilitating an Intuitive Session, I joked to her that she wasn’t allowed to experience low vibration emotions. She responded as follow,

‘Hahaha! I am very much allowed. I got through this long time ago. Not a long time. One or two years ago. I freed myself from suppressing and judging myself feeling negative in anyway and feeling negative emotions. I said, you know what, I’m a human being. If I want to be sad, I will be sad. I’m not going to suppress it or judge it. And it doesn’t mean that I’m not spiritually enough when I’m sad or angry. This is a huge misconception in the spirituality field. Be positive be positive be positive. No! don’t be positive. Be authentic. Free yourself. You cannot lie to yourself and be positive all the time. We are living in the third dimension and it’s super dense and there’s so much influence and we are human beings and we are being influenced by everything that happens to us. We cannot be positive all the time. It’s going to drive us crazy. You cannot lie to yourself.’

Hara Katsiki portrait
Hara Katsiki the Human! Image permitted to use by Hara.

Embody the Higher Self Online Workshop January 2021

When I noticed Hara’s online workshop titled ‘Embody the Higher Self’, I thought, ‘Of course!’ I felt it was such a natural subject for Hara to be teaching. Both her hypnosis work and Intuitive Session involve guiding clients to access their higher self’s wisdom and light so she is definitely fluent in assisting us and showing us how to do so.

I cannot commend on the actual online workshop since the first one is scheduled for early January next year, however, after reading through the description, I think the workshop is going to be both informative and full of practical exercises for the participants to strengthen their beliefs and their connection with their higher selves. I think the workshop is suitable both for someone who is new to meditation and the metaphysical world, as well as for people who have been actively helping themselves with varies self-healing tools. It’s basically for anyone who wants to rediscover their true self and their infinite potential.

Here you can find out more about her upcoming online workshop. If when you are reading this, it’s already past January, it’s okay! Hara told me she would be actively giving more online workshops in 2021 and onwards.

For now, you can experience her guided meditations, Starseed Transmission and videos on other metaphysical subjects on her YouTube channel.

Rat, Rain and Rainbow

If you are curious about what actually happened during my Intuitive Session with Hara Katsiki, let’s go to Part 2: Rat, Rain and Rainbow.

*I do not receive any money or material rewards for writing this or any other articles in my blog. Hara Katsiki gifted me this Intuitive Session unconditionally and I review it here because I enjoy talking about healing methods and recommending healing practitioners that I trust.

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