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Hara Katsiki and her Intuitive Session Part 2: Rat, Rain and Rainbow

Posted by on Dec 28, 2020 in Healing Methods, My Magical World

Previously, I talked about Hara Katsiki and her Intuitive Session. Now, let me share with you some of what actually happened in the session. It’s personal but I decided to share because I believe the same challenges are encountered by many and someone somewhere might find it useful.

The Mystery of a Murdered Rat

The beautiful soothing healing light went down my body from head to toe but only for the right side of the body. On the left side, it went down only till the collar bone. I saw a house with red roof and the roof was what stopped the flow of the light.

‘What does the house represent?’ Hara asked.

‘Self-sufficient.’ This word popped up in my mind from nowhere and I told Hara it. She asked further and I saw a rat.

‘A rodent. A rat. A big dark furry dirty rat.’ It came right at my face showing his fangs and hissing as if to scare me. It looked confused when I wasn’t scared.  

‘What does the rat represent?’

‘My fear.’

‘Let’s go into a little bit more. What does this fear represent?’

‘My fear that no one wants me.’

‘What else?’

‘Abandoned, neglect, useless, waste of space.’

Hara guided me to do various things with the rat, including hugging it and telling it soothing words. I didn’t have a problem to hold an imaginary rat but the rat seemed to have its own mind. He sat on an imaginary table in front of me and we looked at each other. After a while, he went back to the house as if that was where he belonged.

‘With the power of our imagination, we are going to transform this rat. What would you like to transform it into?’


This sounds creepy and it wasn’t my idea. The rat became blood as soon as Hara asked me the above. Hara thought perhaps it would dissolve into healthy blood cells but it didn’t. I saw a puddle of thick blood that was like jelly and it congregated above my heart like padding. The session became like a mystery of a murdered rat. The investigation came to a pause though when I reported to Hara that I couldn’t breathe there and Hara’s questions lead to a series of images, her channelling my higher self and unlocking of my deeply buried emotions.

Basically, the weather changed to the worst all of a sudden.

No Rain, No Rainbow

I wasn’t happy with what my higher self said to me through Hara. I knew they were right to remind me to quiet my mind, to love myself blah blah blah. I was surprised that they would waste such precious occasion to tell me something I already knew and had been diligently practising. It crossed my mind that Hara connected to someone else but then ‘they’ even said they knew I would find it a cliché and that’s how I talked to my higher self sometimes. Yes, that’s right. If one can’t express their frustrations to their higher self, who can they express it to?

To Hara apparently. And that was what I did.

The session turned into a conversation with Hara. I told Hara all the frustrations I had with life over the past few years. I cried, I shouted, I cursed, while Hara listened and soothed me with her words and wisdom. I half wanted to terminate the session right there lest I would have ruined our friendship. I told Hara I wasn’t angry with her but the higher self, spirits and basically whatever God was, and I let myself be the angry banshee that I was. It was as if I unleashed my deep anger and sorrow and these emotions turned into a rainstorm. Throughout the storm, Hara didn’t try to take cover. She was there, unwavering, holding my hands metaphorically until the storm ran its course.

When the storm subsided into a light shower, I told Hara I didn’t know where all those emotions or tears came from and I asked her what I needed to do then. She said we didn’t have to understand where the emotions came from and that I had been releasing them by feeling the anger, pain and sadness and by expressing them.

Two years ago Hara bought me a card that said ‘No Rain No Rainbow’. Rainbow didn’t appear when I finally finished crying but I experienced this sense of peace, like the beautiful fresh clean air after a storm.

Hara Katsiki rainbow card
The card Hara chose for me.

Ascension of the Rat

Hara felt I needed to forgive myself for something. I knew exactly what about: for being alive. I’m not sure why I had always felt that I shouldn’t have been born. After the rainstorm though, I felt neutral about it and I asked Hara how to forgive myself regarding this.

‘Just say it,’ said Hara, who guided me to say some affirmations to forgive everyone and myself. In the middle of reciting the words, the light that previously got stuck above my left collar bone started moving and I felt this beautiful white light with colourful sparkles flowing down my left arm and out of my palm.

In that peaceful state, I had a realization. I finally understood that all that despair and undeserving thoughts came from my seeing the world through the rat’s eyes. When one sees everything through fear, how bright can the sky be?

‘The rodent… I mean the rat can go now.’ Somehow I kept wanting to use the word rodent even though it was a rat. I announced its departure as I felt it travelled from my heart to my throat which instinctively did this coarse groaning sound. I asked Hara if the rat had come out successfully. I also sensed a unicorn by my side. Hara confirmed that the rat was out of my body and she suggested that I asked the flying unicorn to pick him up.

‘Rats are not dirty. They are dirty only because of the environment. They are animals like us. He can go somewhere nice to play now.’ It was somehow very important for me to defend the rat’s innocence and that it could go to a nice place to play.

‘I got goosebumps! He’s so excited! He wants to go with the flying unicorn!’ Hara exclaimed.

‘Gratitude.’ I heard someone said. The rat?

‘Gratitude is one of the most important places to be.’ It was interesting how Hara put it. I never considered gratitude to be a place. We were both silent for a while until I told her another realization.

‘I am very kind.’

‘You are.’

‘Hmmm… I don’t know why people think I’m not.’ Things were said by various people since I learnt not to be a people pleaser.

‘Everyone thinks whatever they want to think. We cannot satisfy everyone.’

There was the rainbow right there. The confusion about the core of what I am or not dissipated. I felt as if there was a rainbow sitting inside my tummy. I didn’t feel excited like I would when I see a rainbow in the sky though. It felt just so natural to have multi pastel colour lights inside me.

Rat Blood Cells

After the Intuitive Session with Hara, I had an epiphany moment while doing household chore. The fear that the rat represents had been masquerading as passion. I do love most things that I do and that’s why I choose to do them. The motivation though had been my fear of not good enough, not doing enough, and therefore I must try harder, do more and better myself. You know, all those ‘should’. With fear as the main motivation, everything became so difficult and just like the puddle of blood that I saw, nothing flew. Since the rat departed, I find myself enjoying myself so much more in my daily activities like writing, studying Greek and even cooking. My days seem to have a much nicer flow to them too.

The Rodent Family

When I was drafting this and the previous article about Hara’s Intuitive Session, there was what seemed to be a huge dark jelly all over my heart and that area was throbbing as if it was trying to expand. My whole left arm felt heavy as I sat there debating whether I would be bringing shame to myself by talking about housing a rat in my heart or the rainstorm.

A porcupine appeared in my vision just as I began to wonder if there were more rats.

‘Fear of being judged.’ The answer came to my head before I even asked a question. It’s easy to make a guess anyway. Porcupine with its coat of pointy spines, protecting themselves from predators. I made a decision right then to share my story, with the certainty that being honest is what helps me grow. I gave the intention that the porcupine could go somewhere nice to play and soon both the porcupine and the dark heavy stuff excited my body towards a glowing unicorn.

By the way, in case you don’t already know… I looked up the word ‘rodent’. The rodent family includes many small mammals such as rats and porcupines. No wonder I kept wanting to say rodent during the Intuitive Session instead of rat! I wonder if there are more small mammals occupying my heart but then I have decided to focus on the rainbow instead. Anyway, when the weather is good, all the animals are outside playing!

Feel the Rainbow!

I have since then been experimenting with this internal rainbow. After a few times when I felt and saw multi-colours in different part of my body, I realized that I’ve been getting in touch with my energetic self (I don’t know the proper name for it). Years ago, I dreamt of my husband and myself with shapes of a human body but no features. Instead, our bodies were made of sparkling jewel colours. I remember in that dream, I had a feeling of ‘Yes, this is us. This is what we truly are.’

I’m going to continue my rainbow experiment to see if I can be my multi-colour energetic self more and more. I invite you to experiment with this yourself. All you need to do is to find a quiet relaxing moment and ask to experience your rainbow/multi-colour energetic self and see what happens.


*I do not receive any money or material rewards for writing this or any other articles in my blog. Hara Katsiki gifted me this Intuitive Session unconditionally and I share it here because I enjoy telling a good story and highlighting healing practitioners that I trust.

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