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Irina Nola’s Inspirational Regression

Posted by on Feb 24, 2020 in Healing Methods, My Magical World
Inspirational Regression by Irina Nola

Amongst all the consciousness exploration type sessions that I have had, Irina Nola’s Inspirational Regression was my absolute favourite. Since I started practicing Dolores Cannon’s QHHT, I connected with my colleagues all over the world and I received over 20 sessions with different practitioners. I received much help and insights through a variety of bizarre experiences in each of these sessions but Irina Nola’s Inspirational Regression was my love and joy.

The main difference with Inspirational Regression to the other similar type of modalities is that the focus is on the potentials and skills that the clients want to develop instead of healing traumas and answers to issues. Usually, before one of this type of sessions, I would spend time reviewing my life and writing down any symptoms or issues that were yet to be resolved. Although very useful and at times it is much needed, I couldn’t help but feeling rather disheartened about the sorry mess that I had accumulated. When I prepared for Inspirational Regression, I was joyful all the way, wishing the session would come sooner so I could connect with the gifts that I had saved for myself in my previous life, or even from a parallel or future life.

When Irina invited participants for her initial trial sessions, she emphasized that Inspirational Regression was not therapy, but for inspiration and motivation. The aim was not to clear past life traumas although there could be healing aspects to it because the clients would be connecting with the healthiest and most vibrant personalities. She thought it was a fun and uplifting modality and it was. So you see why I looked forward to it so much: there was no danger of seeing traumas or even death or scary scenes! I’m quite used to seeing traumatic lives but still, I would rather watch a comedy any time than a thriller or tragedy!

Okay, things might not always go as planned and sometimes our higher selves do have other plans in mind for our highest good. What if the clients do connect with traumatic lives in order to rediscover the potential that they are seeking? Irina did tell me a bit about what she would do but instead of telling you about it, let me give Irina a proper introduction so you know you are in good hand when you book a session with her.

Irina Nola the Eclectic Researcher

Originally from Russia, Irina Nola was trained and did research work in, as well as taught psychology before relocating to the United Stated. Since then, she studied traditional hypnotherapy and later studied with Dolores Cannon, Dr. Brain Weiss and other well-respected teachers. This is only a short resume from her hypnosis website. Irina’s knowledge is much more extensive and prolific than what can be described in her ‘About’ page.

I got to know Irina’s work through a practitioner’s forum. I went and had a look just now: she has started 438 discussions and had made over 3700 comments so far. She seems to be well versed in all sorts of metaphysical topics, from past lives to future lives, twin flame/soulmate, Atlantean and other ancient civilizations, E.T. from different origins, God and Goddesses from various culture. A lot of what she shared in the forum are first-hand information both from her own and her clients’ sessions. From time to time, she would zoom in a topic and asked for volunteers for her various researches. She is very generous with her knowledge and gives insightful answers to those who seek. She also participates in Quora and you can find her profile here.

Now you may have an image of Irina wearing thick glasses buried in piles of books. She is absolutely NOT like that! Now living in the colourful New Orlean, Irina is a face painting artist and festival enthusiast. She accepts booking for her regression work only during the week and reserves the weekends for fulfilling her creative itch.

Irina’s exuberant self definitely came through during the Inspirational Regression that she facilitated for me. Her style was not the usual soothing calming type that I often come across, but theatrical. Teamed with her slight Russian accent, she created a mystic ambience that seamlessly transported me to the other world. When I commented on her style post session, Irina said she attended drama school in her early years.

Irina Nola

The charismatic Irina Nola in her multicoloured brilliance. Photo courtesy of Irina Nola.

How an Inspirational Regression session looks like

The session was done via an online platform called Zoom and it began with a brief chat in which Irina asked me what sort of inspirations I was looking for. She then gave me an introduction of Inspirational Regression in case I had questions. I had none so Irina instructed me to get comfortable in my bed and she promptly induced me into a relaxed state by a guided visualization. I slipped into a past character effortlessly and soon I learnt much valuable information through Irina asking this character questions.

What I received was so much more than what could be recorded by technology. I was quite aware of my body during most of the session and it wasn’t only my physical body that I was aware of. The best way to describe it would be that the past character’s light body overlapped with mine and I was able to receive knowledge that could have taken days to convey (even if you can find the right words) instantly. Post session, I felt this peacefulness within as if I was glowing from my very core.

The whole session lasted about an hour and a half. Irina said she usually spent a bit more time with clients who were new to this type of sessions. I received the audio recording shortly after the session. I have listened to it a few times since and each time, my understanding of the information that was brought forth deepened.

What to expect and Not

One thing for sure is that something beneficial for the clients would happen, and Irina said she would always make sure that the last scene that the clients visit were of good memories so that the clients can come back to the present time on a positive note.

Everyone experiences this type of sessions with a varying degree of clarity, and everyone’s lifepath and therefore what comes through for them would be different. It’s important to keep an open mind and allow whatever happens to happen. You can’t expect to be inspired or motivated by anything if you have your mind set in stone.

Titbits of my session

You can watch my session at the end of this article but what was not recorded was the extraordinary healing that I received afterward. I didn’t even ask for it!

An interesting information regarding my neck came up during the session. My head naturally tilted backward and I didn’t seem to be able to correct it. This was related to my past character from this session and an image of a deer from the base of its neck up came strong and right in front of me when my past character was talking with Irina during this segment. That image reappeared as Irina took me out of that relaxed state at the end of the session. Later that day, as I was sitting comfortably, the deer appeared again right in front of my face.

‘Are you going to do something for me?’ I asked the deer silently.

The deer answered by moving towards me and inside me, its neck into my neck. I don’t know what exactly happened: it felt like the deer installed its neck into mine in order to give appropriate strength to my neck. I zoned out and let whatever happened to happen. My neck was sore for a couple of days after as if I had received a major surgery. Since then, my head doesn’t tilt backward anymore unless I’m having a sloppy day.

So you see what started as a bit of curiosity and fun turned out to be major healing for me. The session also gave answers to some of my abnormal traits that I never thought to question. For example, I never bother to choose what to wear and I always ask for a suggestion during my morning meditation. Weird, right? You will get to know why when you watch the session recording.

Who is Inspirational Regression for?

Irina created this method for people who are generally healthy. For people who are seeking assistance for their emotional or health issues, there are other types of methods that are more suitable. You can head over to Irina’s main website to see what other services she offers.

If you wish to develop your skills and potential, receive inspirations for your creative pursuits, or explore your Super Power that you have yet to discover, Inspirational Regression is definitely for you. I think it is also the best modality for someone who is curious about past/parallel/future life exploration.

*I do not receive any material rewards from writing this or any other articles on my blog. The only reward I get is the joy of recommending great people and their services.

Here’s the session recording!