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Why are mosquitoes?


Nature is great and so are the animals. But why are mosquitoes!!!

I’ve been thinking about mosquitoes. They are annoying, aren’t they? They hover and they bite and leave itchy swollen pink spots on our skin.

Few months ago a friend started me thinking with her question ‘What is the purpose of mosquitoes?’

Since it’s always much more productive to change ourselves and our attitudes rather than hoping that other people would change. I ask myself, ‘What can I learn from mosquitoes?’

Why am I annoyed by mosquitoes? Because they are annoying! I don’t think mosquitoes think they are annoying though if they have brains to think like us humans. They really are just finding nutrients. I did a google search and learnt that only female mosquitoes eat blood, in order to lay eggs.

First thing that comes to mind when I want to rid myself of annoyance is to focus on being calm and peaceful inside. There are so many things in our world that can be annoying potentially – people, traffic, noise and pollution –that it really is beneficial to all of us to learn to be more calm and peaceful inside. After all, we are the ones who are in control our feelings and emotions. By feeling like a victim only prolong our sufferings in our own head.

After calming my mind I found my skin with the new pink spots crying for me to scratch it. I come up this method that helps to sooth my skin – I caress the places that have the mosquito bites and tell it gently in my head that ‘It’s okay, it’s okay. We lost a bit of blood but all is well now. Let’s be calm and happy again.’ I find the itchy spots calm down much quicker. Several months on I found that the mosquito bites and the itchiness disappear almost as quickly as they appear. This method is useful in general for whichever part of us that is not feeling great. Our bodies love it when we give it some loving attention. Touch is not really necessary either. All that is required is the loving intention and giving attention to the parts of the body that needs help.

But then I still would prefer not to be bitten by mosquitoes at all! The method for breaking contracts/agreements energetically with people we no longer want connection with that was taught by Dolores Cannon came to mind. When I was attending QHHT level 2 course in Barcelona, both myself and my classmates were bitten a lot by mosquitoes and Julia Cannon told us that this technique worked with insects too.

I did some experiment with flies on the beach. Have you come across flies that bite that are so very annoying? Every time when I employ this technique in a calm manner, the flies would go away but it’s not so successful while I was feeling annoyed. Perhaps my annoyance blocks my intent to come through; perhaps I needed to learn the lesson to be calm first before my teachers (the flies) would leave me alone?

The technique didn’t work that well for me with mosquitoes though. Why? Aren’t flies and mosquitoes the same thing? What is the difference between these two species in relation to me?

I realized then that I feel bad when saying ‘no’ to mosquitoes! Part of me was thinking, ‘What if they are starving?’

The breaking contracts/agreements technique would only work when we truly do not have any emotions attached with the people/insects involved. For example, after we break the connection with someone whom we no longer want in our lives, if we still have some emotions such as resentment buried inside us, we would only bring that person back into our lives ourselves. In this case, we need to ask ourselves why we are holding on to these emotions in order to release the person involved, as well as the emotions, successfully.

Are you annoyed by mosquitoes and flies? People? Environment? Situations? Are you able to feel calm and peaceful inside despite any outside influence? What do you think you can learn from them? What are the ways you use to be in control of your emotions?

When you feel ready to let these people go, you may use the following technique to completely break the energetic connection. Even if you are still in touch with the people involved, you will find that the dynamics of your relationship with them changes as you change yourself and your attitude.

Technique for breaking energetic connection/karma by Dolores Cannon

Visualize the person involved and see yourself holding up a contract. Tear up the contract in your mind and say, ‘We tried. We really tried. It is not working. I am tearing up the contract. I forgive you. I release you. I let you go. Go your way with love and I will go mine.’

Dolores Cannon wrote about this technique in her blog.

There’s a video about it too!

Edited on 15June2017 –

A Mosquito delivered a message for me!!! Yesterday a mosquito sneaked into our home. The moment I saw it flew only a few inches across my face, I felt it. It bit my ring finger on my right hand! Very curiously, we didn’t see it again. Nor did we got bitten at all other than the one on my finger.

During meditation, my finger itched. I thought ‘itchy finger itchy finger what are you trying to tell me?’

Itchy fingers!!! Because of the traveling and family visit and now settling into new home in Crete, I haven’t been doing much writing and my fingers are itchy!



  1. Astrid
    15 June, 2017

    Come to my place where they leave, besides the itching, very bad infections…. and there is also bad diseases. So still didn’t find a good reason why they exist 🙂

    • The Loving Energy
      15 June, 2017

      I agree with you!

    • Nicole Espinosa
      2 July, 2017

      Hi Astrid,
      I found myself also in a part of the world that has bad infections and disease from mosquito bites. In Eastern Africa during a motorcycle journey. I didn’t get vaccinated to travel there, and I don’t believe all of the disease propaganda. I found myself getting bitten, but never got sick from the bites. I do agree with Stephanie that everything, including mosquito bites, have messages and spiritual meaning.

  2. Nicole Espinosa
    2 July, 2017


    I so love this blog post. I agree with you that there is meaning and messages to everything. When I was on a mission in Egypt in April, I found myself lying on a friend’s couch on the West Bank of Luxor receiving a QHHT session from fellow practitioner Monika Sleszynska. The living room window was open, and tons of mosquitoes descended on my feet to bite me beyond belief. I just couldn’t stop scratching them. Eventually, I helped myself meditate and focus past my body to allow my Higher Self to come through. My HS said that it had to be so annoying to get my attention on my feet constantly to keep taking action to move forward on my path. A nice and annoying reminder, but it worked.