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Hara Katsiki Online Workshop Trilogy

Posted by on Aug 7, 2021 in Healing Methods
Hara Katsiki embody the higher self workshop
Hara Katsiki, captain of the spacecraft.

This year I attended three workshops by Hara Katsiki and I would like to talk about them here because they were all excellent. The workshops were titled Embody the Higher Self, Fountain of Youth and Group Regression Workshop. From the titles one wouldn’t think they are connected and therefore shouldn’t be regarded as a trilogy. But they were indeed a trilogy and of the adventurous kind – I felt I was journeying through space with Hara Katsiki as the captain of the spacecraft during each of her workshops.

All three workshops were held online via Zoom thus providing the participants the convenience of attending the workshops at home. The added advantage is that we could lie down in bed or sofa for the guided meditation parts of the workshops for maximum comfort. I especially appreciate that Hara keeps her workshops as live workshops and not turn them into pre-recorded courses. I have taken some pre-recorded classes, although I enjoyed them too, live workshops definitely feel more personal and intimate.

All the workshops were recorded and Hara sent us the recordings shortly after each workshop. If you are interested in the topics, you will watch the workshops again and again, like I have been. I have added the recordings to my self-healing toolbox and refer back to them whenever I feel the urge to.

Hara gives very detailed descriptions for her workshops on her website. I’m not going to bother with the general type information and I will focus on why I found the workshops excellent and er… whatever else I want to talk about!

Hara Katsiki Embody the higher self
The beautiful PDF presentation of Embody the Higher Self workshop.

Embody the Higher Self

Upon reading the description of this workshop, I thought I already knew everything in it. Anyway, isn’t this what I’ve been going for during all my meditation practice, to embody the Higher Self?

Soon after that, while meditating, I realized that it was a very good idea to embrace Hara’s perspective in order to get a ‘rounder’ view.  I reminded myself that I really didn’t know everything and to get on with signing up for the workshop. It was a quick decision because I know Hara for several years now and I often learn from her even when we are having a chat. I would like you to know though, that our friendship has nothing to do with why I’m writing this article. In fact, if I found the workshops to be less than her perfect self, I would have been the first one to tell her.

The workshop lasted 2 days, 5 hours each. I thought that was ‘light-weight’ but I miscalculated. I was very tired both days. Mainly because of the phenomenal amount of light activation that was carried out through the meditations on both days. Also because when we are learning a metaphysical or spiritual subject, all our bodies are listening and absorbing the knowledge and the vibration that come with it.

After an introduction and a grounding exercise, Hara talked about some background information such as different dimensions. That was when I started feeling as if Hara had taken us to her craft and we were traveling through space. I had to play with my dog from time to time in order to stay present.

In 10 hours’ time Hara presented a lot of knowledge from several esteemed teachers and also from her own experience. Her ‘teaching’ style is very much presenting and sharing and she is a joy to listen to. The run down of the workshop was really thoughtful: Hara took us step by step to become closer to our higher selves during this workshop and by the end of the workshop, when Hara guided us to receiving a message from our higher selves, only one participant didn’t receive a message but she felt a loving presence around her.

This workshop is suitable for everyone. People who have just started learning about the concept of higher self will definitely receive all the essentials and more and they will save themselves a lot of time from gathering information from different sources. All the guided meditations will help jump start their connection with their higher selves. They might not be able to sense what is going on during the guided meditations because they have yet to get used to their intuitive senses, although fortunately, one does not need to be able to sense anything in order for the activations to work. They can also follow the workshop again and again since Hara shared the video, audio and PDF presentation with the participants after the workshop is completed.

When one thinks of embodying the higher self, one might think of attaining wisdom and developing intuitive gifts. As Hara mentioned at the beginning of the workshop, we weren’t going to suddenly fully embodying our higher selves. It is a gradual process. Hara also highlighted the importance of looking after our general wellbeing and being kind to ourselves. Therefore, even for people who are not particularly drawn to connecting with their higher selves, this workshop would still be valuable to them because ultimately, the workshop is about going towards wellness on all levels of our beings.

I have been delving in this subject for several years now and I welcomed the background information presented as well as Hara’s own insight. For topics that I was already familiar with, I was pleased to be reminded because let’s be honest, knowing something doesn’t mean I practise it always! Since the workshop I have come back to the presentation many times. Sometimes just to use one or two meditations. Sometimes I listen to part of the workshop to further my understanding. I can go into meditation for the same thing but I feel Hara’s presence helps take me to another level, like what I said about space travel. I guess this could be due to the diamond light code that was mentioned in my previous article titled Hara Katsiki and her Intuitive Session.

Hara Katsiki embody the higher self 2
Deka my little dog keeps me grounded with his 4 legs and cute face.

Fountain of Youth

I was amazed when I read how Hara has been immersing herself in the topic of Epigenetics because I’ve been learning about it too and am fascinated by it. I said to myself, if anyone could talk to my cells, it would be Hara. So I signed up her Fountain of Youth workshop almost as soon as I noticed it.

This workshop lasts for 90 minutes. Hara gave an overview about epigenetic at the start of the workshop. For people who are interested to really understand what epigenetic is, I suggest that they do some research and not rely on the workshop. Hara did give a wonderful compact presentation but it is naïve to think that one can know it fully in such a short time. The best news is that we do not need to fully understand it to benefit from this workshop!

So what does it mean ‘talk to my cells’? A simple way to explain it is that Hara brought everyone to a very relaxed state and so relaxed that our minds were out of the way. She then spoke directly to our cells. Yes, with her voice. I cannot tell you for sure that cells understand spoken words but I’m quite certain that my cells did receive instructions perhaps through vibrational mean because I had noticed changes since the workshop.

Hara explained that we wouldn’t become younger right away and it was going to be a gradual process. For me, this gradual process started with a bang. For three days I had no appetite and I could eat only very little. My body went into a complete reset. I received information about what affected me as a baby so that my physical body didn’t develop the way it was designed to. I also received guidance on how to eat. Since then I changed some of my eating habits. I also consciously incorporate more of the local cuisine and found myself even enjoying it more. For example, I didn’t eat cheese because it is not in Chinese diet and I sometimes had skin rash when I ate cheese. Since the workshop and the reset, I’ve been enjoying cheese a lot more and I haven’t had any allergic reaction to it so far and it’s been 5 months and a lot of cheese since I attended the workshop.

The 3-day-no-appetite reset that I had might seem a bit drastic for some people. I wasn’t worry at all because I knew it was from the workshop and I trust that it was for good reasons.

This workshop is definitely for everyone. It is not just about wanting to look good. It is about rediscovering our bodies’ true potential and being well and radiant from inside out.

My experience during this workshop was as surreal as the opening of this video.

Group Regression Workshop

Hara presented the late Dolores Cannon’s work through her Group Regression Workshop. We visited a past life, a future life and we met our angels or guides through Hara’s guidance.

Like Hara, I’m a facilitator of Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and therefore, I know this workshop works very well and I was excited to experience it under Hara’s soothing voice. I had Dolores Cannon’s group regression DVD and lost it and I’m pleased that I now have Hara’s version on my computer.

The wonderful thing about group regression, other than being able to see another lifetime, is that we get to hear what others experienced and their learning. It is ideal for people who are curious about past lives and want to get a feel before deciding to have a private session. Even though some participants connected with traumatic lifetimes, the group regression workshops I have been to were always fun and light-hearted. It is a great way to start exploring with our intuitive senses with a group of people who share the same kind of curiosity.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to explore their past lives and it doesn’t matter whether they meditate or have trained themselves to ‘see’ other realms. Few years ago I couldn’t see anything at a similar type of workshop which became a turning point for me, intuitive-senses-wise. Be brave and don’t suppress your curiosity!

As a bonus, Hara offers the Group Regression Workshop participants to redeem the workshop fee towards a private QHHT or BQH session. Please do check if this offer is still valid when you sign up for this workshop.


Hara mentioned that she will be running the workshop trilogy again. Please contact Hara Katsiki directly about which workshops you are interested in and ask to be notified when the workshops are next available. You can also visit her Facebook Page for workshop information updates.

Want to get to know Hara Katsiki a little more? Here’s her introduction video:

Hara Katsiki captain of the spacecraft.

*I do not receive any money or material reward through this article. The only reward I get is to talk about what I love and to recommend wonderful people who are doing wonderful things.